Tips for Buying a Voltage Stabilizer for Home

Tips for Buying a Voltage Stabilizer for Home

Voltage fluctuations can damage your valuable electrical appliances at home including your television, refrigerator, music system, oven, and air conditioners. Hence, if voltage fluctuations are rampant in your area or if you have noticed an increase in their frequency lately, it is wise to invest in a home voltage stabilizer. 

A stabilizer is a simple piece of equipment which ensures that the electrical appliances in your home remain unaffected and undamaged by voltage fluctuations. They protect your appliances from excessive power surges or drops. 

However, to guarantee the longevity of electrical appliances, you must choose a quality stabilizer that is also suited to your requirements. So, let us find out more about how to select a voltage stabilizer for your home

How does a Voltage Stabilizer function?

A voltage stabilizer (also called an Automatic and Safe Voltage Regulator) is a static device that can detect voltage fluctuations in the input and is equipped to produce a steady range of output voltage through internal regulation. In simple terms, if your voltage stabilizer detects that the voltage is too high, it will stabilize and lower it to the optimum range suited to the connected appliances. The opposite happens in the case of low voltage where the stabilizer increases the voltage until the optimum range is attained.  

A voltage stabilizer uses electronic regulators that combine the benefits of tap changers and autotransformers. Simply put, the stabilizer acts as a protective wall between the appliance and the input current to ensure a constant supply of the optimum amount of electricity to the appliance.

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Why do I need a voltage stabilizer at home? 

Having a voltage stabilizer enhances the safety and sustainability of your home appliances. Here are some of the most important reasons you should invest in a good quality voltage stabilizer for your home:

  • To protect electrical appliances from damage or malfunction owing to voltage irregularities.
  • To ensure the longevity of electrical appliances by maintaining a steady and optimum energy flow.
  • Stabilizers, being one-time investments are cost-effective. They save you both the trouble and the cost of having to repair or repurchase your electrical appliances multiple times.
  • Stabilizers protect your home and loved ones from electrical accidents like short circuits.

How do I select a voltage stabilizer for my house? 

Before deciding which stabilizer is best for home, you have to consider a few factors like:

  • The kind of appliances you want to connect the stabilizer to.
  • The range of power consumption of the appliances.
  • The frequency of voltage fluctuations in your area. 

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best stabilizer for your house:

  1. Verify the input voltage range in your house.
  2. Tally the voltage range of the stabilizer you are considering with the input voltage range of your house. If the stabilizer’s voltage range is between 150-250V, it indicates that the stabilizer will start regulating voltage if it falls below 150V or rises above 250V.
  3.  Your stabilizer must have surge protection and spike guard features to protect your appliances from untoward electricity surges in the event of short circuits or lightning strikes.
  4. The time-delay feature is essential for stabilizers of appliances like refrigerators and aircon. These appliances have compressors which require a substantial amount of time to regulate current flow in the event of a power cut. Voltage stabilizers equipped with the time-delay function permit a time-lapse to safeguard the compressors of these appliances.
  5. Get a voltage stabilizer that is equipped with LED indicators to make it easy for you to read the input and output voltage.

Are there different stabilizers for different appliances?

Each appliance in your house has unique features and uses and they use varying amounts of electricity and have different voltage ranges and energy limits.  The voltage stabilizers you choose should be specific to the energy requirements of the appliances. 

Different appliances need different voltage stabilizers engineered to suit their requirements. Hence, voltage stabilizers vary for different appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, music systems, TVs, and so on. Some commonly available categories of voltage stabilizers available in the market are mainline voltage stabilizers for home, refrigerator stabilizers, mainline stabilizers for music systems and TVs, stabilizers for ovens and washing machines, and AC stabilizers.

Purchasing the best voltage stabilizer for your home 

Now that you know how to select a voltage stabilizer for your home, it is time to study the market to identify the best stabilizer that suits your needs. The Schneider Electric store is one of the most reputed and reliable brands in India offering quality stabilizers for years of unhindered usage. The brand offers durable home-use voltage stabilizers with the latest features in the market and attractive warranty options. If you want stabilizers that are specifically engineered to meet Indian electrical conditions, look no further than Schneider Electric. 

Visit the store and browse through the varied models of voltage stabilizers to choose the one that best fits your needs. Schneider Electric assures you of quick delivery and installation. If you need more information, have queries, or require expert help contact the store today!
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