Schneider Electric: The Right Choice While Buying Stabilizers

Schneider Electric: The Right Choice While Buying Stabilizers

If you have to work with electrical components frequently, you must have come across the term ‘stabilizer’. It is one of the most important electrical components in every household and is responsible for the safety of electrical appliances as well as your family members. 

Voltage Stabilizers ensure that the electrical appliances at your home receive adequate levels of power to function optimally. They are also helpful in protecting expensive household electrical appliances during voltage fluctuations by regulating the current flowing through electrical appliances. 

Voltage stabilizers also prevent overheating, permanent damage to appliances, and other problems during an overvoltage.

Benefits of the Voltage Stabilizer

Other than the primary purpose of regulating the flow of current through the electrical appliance, having a stabilizer for the home has other benefits, including:

  •    Protection against permanent damage:

Electrical appliances face considerable risks of burnouts during electrical surges and thunderstorms. Having a voltage stabilizer helps in avoiding permanent damage to electrical appliances. In case of an electrical surge, the voltage stabilizer automatically corrects the power to fit the appliance’s requirements, thus preventing damages and reducing the chances of malfunction. Voltage Stabilizers are widely used for expensive appliances like air conditioners and television.

  •    Enhancing Efficiency:

Excessive or inadequate levels of power can greatly hamper the productivity of electrical appliances, keeping them from their optimal potential. By providing a regulated power level, the voltage stabilizer ensures the appliance can work at its best, improving its efficiency. 

Schneider Electric Voltage Stabilizer

As voltage stabilizers play an important role in every household, choosing the right one is crucial. You can look into the voltage stabilizers that are manufactured and distributed by Schneider Electric, which are available at affordable rates. 

The stabilizers from Schneider Electric have been designed keeping in mind the severity of the Indian electrical conditions. Major sections of India suffer from inconsistent power conditions, voltage surges, and fluctuations in voltage quality. The voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric have been equipped with innovative features including time delay, automatic start, and cut-off from the power source to keep your electrical appliances safe.

Voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric provide you with long-lasting reliable service and are compatible with devices like air conditioners, TV, fridge, or general-purpose appliances like electronic treadmills, washing machines, and music systems. 

Given below are some of the best voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric that are available for purchase at budget-friendly prices:

  •    APC Line-R 800VA Automatic Voltage Regulator:

The APC Line-R 800VA Automatic Voltage Regulator from Schneider Electric is undoubtedly one of the best Voltage Stabilizers out there. This 800VA (or 400 Watt) automatic voltage regulator can be ideally used in the household for home electronics and electrical appliances. This voltage stabilizer effectively handles power fluctuations and voltage surges between 160 to 285 volts and protects your electrical appliances from damage. The stabilizer works automatically to step down the high. and step up low voltage to optimize it as per the requirements of your device.

The APC Line-R 800VA Automatic Voltage Regulator works as excellent protection against electrical burnouts and overvoltage. Additionally, the APC Line-R 800VA Automatic Voltage Regulator also prevents damages caused by overheating from electrical spikes during thunderstorms and surges. 

  •    APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

The APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator is one of the more advanced ranges of voltage stabilizers available at Schneider Electric with a capacity of 1200VA (or 600 Watt). It has been ideally designed to protect heavy-duty machinery around the home like large refrigerators. 

The APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator can effectively handle power fluctuations within a range of 160 to 285 Volts and converts excessive or inadequate levels of power to fit the requirements of your device. 

Other than automatically stepping up and stepping down voltage levels that are best suited for your device, the APC Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator also provides protection against electrical surges and overheating. It is also one of the best stabilizers for LED TV


The Schneider Electric eShop is a one-stop destination for all your electrical solutions and requirements. The store has a wide selection of the latest models the best stabilizer for the home, and other electrical products and components including MCCBs, RCCBs, and more. And the superior quality and affordable price range of these products make Schneider Electric a popular choice among users. Visit the Schneider Electric eShop today to get the best deals on electrical appliances and components. 

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