Know about the benefits of voltage stabilizers

Know about the benefits of voltage stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers are quite commonplace in our homes. We see them sitting atop our refrigerators or alongside the TV box all the time. Voltage stabilizers ensure that our home appliances get adequate power delivery and protect our valuable electronic assets from voltage fluctuations. In India, where power fluctuations happen regularly, voltage stabilizers are a must have for avoiding permanent damage to applications that can hamper daily life and productivity.

Now that you know about the importance of voltage stabilizers, where can you buy a reliable unit?

Buying a reliable voltage stabilizer for home

Schneider Electric India now has an E-shop, where you can buy voltage stabilizers online. The premium stabilizers from Schneider Electric offer top-notch performance and protection for your equipment and keep them up and running for years to come. Here are the benefits of buying high-quality voltage stabilizers from

  • Efficient operation, even under adverse conditions to ensure that your devices are protected when there are constant voltage fluctuations caused by bad weather or faults in the grid.
  • Act as a protective shield for your valuable electronics, increasing both life and efficiency of the equipment, enhancing usage experience and productivity.
  • Microprocessor based voltage stabilizers with auto cut off feature and inverter compatibility.
  • Reliable pricing directly from the brand to give you best deals when buying voltage stabilizers online.
  • Easy warranty claims and hassle-free service and repairs, during and after the warranty period.

Types of voltage stabilizers

You can pick and choose from our range of,

AC Stabilizers

Built especially for the sensitive and complex needs of air conditioning systems and window and split air conditioners, AC stabilizers from Schneider Electric can regulate heavy loads without breaking a sweat. Our range of AC stabilizers ensure that you air conditioner keeps working at full capacity when the summer heat waves strike the town.

Refrigerator and Television Stabilizers

Regulating the voltage of your refrigerator is quite essential to keep your food and beverages fresh. Refrigerator stabilizers from Schneider Electric ensure that your fridge stays protected from voltage surges. Similarly, our television stabilizers make sure that your entertainment is not interrupted by a stray surge in current.

Mainline Stabilizers

If you live in an area that constantly experiences low voltage, consider buying a mainline stabilizer to protect your home’s electrical system from voltage damage. Mainline stabilizers protect everything from lighting fixtures to home appliances and valuable gadgets by regulating power and delivering a safe voltage output.

If you don’t know how to pick the right voltage stabilizer for your needs, connect with us via the contact us page of Our expert support is always happy to help.

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