Tips to Choose the Best Voltage Stabilizer for Home

Tips to Choose the Best Voltage Stabilizer for Home

Voltage fluctuations are nothing rare in India. And there are innumerable instances where voltage fluctuations have harmed electrical appliances severely. Air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, and many more such electrical equipment can become permanently damaged due to sudden and unwanted voltage fluctuations. So, how do you save your valuable home appliances from such a nuisance? 

The only way to combat this problem is to invest in a voltage stabilizer for the home. Especially, if you live in an area that experiences frequent voltage fluctuations, you must get a voltage stabilizer for your home, or you will end up spending a whole lot of money on repairing and repurchasing electrical appliances. With a voltage stabilizer in place, sudden voltage fluctuations, regardless of how frequent they are, will not reach the appliances directly and you can prevent their damage. Interestingly, you will find various kinds of voltage stabilizers in the market for home use, manufactured by some of the leading companies. However, make sure you look for the best stabilizer for the home main line to give protection to your valuable electronic and electrical appliances.  

If you are confused about which kind of voltage stabilizer will be most suitable for your needs and where to find the best quality voltage stabilizers in India, you have come to the right place. Read on to get some valuable tips for choosing the best voltage stabilizer for your home and the best place to buy them from. 

Essential tips for choosing the best voltage stabilizer for home

When you are looking for a stabilizer for your home, make sure that you keep the following points in mind when purchasing on:

  • Check if the stabilizer has overload protection

This is one of the most important features that you must check in a voltage stabilizer before buying it. with overload protection, in an unfortunate event of a burnt-out or a short circuit, the stabilizer output is turned off completely. As a result, all the connected household appliances will remain safe and protected regardless of voltage fluctuation. Do not purchase a stabilizer for your home if it does not have this feature. 

  • Mounting stabilizers are the best choice

We all know that a voltage stabilizer is itself an electronic device that works on electric power. In case the voltage stabilizer gets wet or damaged, the device might malfunction or go out of order. When kept in some unsafe place or on the ground, the chances of the voltage stabilizer getting damaged are extremely high. It is, thus, highly recommended that home voltage stabilizers should always be kept at a high level or be wall-mounted. The best stabilizer for the home main line is always a wall-mounted variant. 

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  • Go for digitized stabilizer models

With a digitized stabilizer, you will get to know if the stabilizer is functioning accurately. It provides reliable information by displaying the data and figures for easy reading. Moreover, digitized models have the capability of adapting themselves to different types of devices. Therefore, you can shift and connect the stabilizer from one device to the other without any issues, so that they remain protected from voltage fluctuations. Simply put, you can continue using this voltage stabilizer as per your changing requirements. 

  • Check if the stabilizer has a time delay system feature

While purchasing a home stabilizer, make sure that you check the time delay feature. With this feature in place, the compressor gets enough time for balancing the current flow. As a result, when there is a power cut, the time delay/lapse system gives enough time to the compressor so that the power flow is maintained and not hampered. This ensures that the various home appliances as well as the stabilizer stay safe. 

  • The stabilizer should have indicators

It might not always be possible to track if there has been a voltage fluctuation, particularly during the daytime. When there are indicators on the stabilizers, you will be able to understand that there has been voltage fluctuation in the power supply. Indicators come in the form of a display. In the latest stabilizer for home models, you will find LED indicators, which offer more clarity in displaying data and are much more convenient and easier to read. 

  • Check the warranty of the stabilizer

In general, the warranty period offered by a stabilizer is about 3-5 years. With such an extended warranty period, you can get sufficient and safe protection for all your home appliances for a longer time. Therefore, while purchasing a home stabilizer, always check the warranty period so that you have longer coverage for your stabilizer. 

  • Enquire about the price of the stabilizer

Stabilizers are available in wide varieties and are sold by different companies. The prices of the stabilizers also vary from one to the other. It is always recommended to purchase stabilizers which meet your requirements and fit well into your budget. Do research on the prices of various stabilizers before making the final purchase. 

Different stabilizers for different appliances

Many of us do not know that we should ideally use different kinds of voltage stabilizers for specific appliances or equipment. A stabilizer that works for one appliance might not work as well for another appliance. The classification of stabilizers is done as per the energy limit and the specifications and features of the particular equipment it is meant for. Here are some different voltage stabilizers that are most suitable for different equipment and appliances: 

  • Stabilizer for air conditioner
  • Stabilizer for music systems and TV
  • Stabilizer for washing machine and dishwasher
  • Stabilizer for refrigerator
  • Stabilizer for oven and microwave oven
  • Stabilizer for gym equipment
  • Stabilizer for power and lighting

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