Things to consider when buying home electricals

Things to consider when buying home electricals

Electricity is a basic necessity of the 21st century. It is a critical requirement for improving the quality of life. So, buying the right electricals when building a new home or remodeling your current dwelling becomes quite important. In today’s post we look at three things to consider when buying home electricals.

Type of switches, sockets and accessories

Nowadays, we are surrounded by smart gadgets and appliances, so old-school switch and socket don’t make the cut anymore. For your new home, you need to invest in modular switches and sockets which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer universal connectivity and dedicated sockets (e.g., USB and Type-C) for charging your smart devices. Modular switches and sockets are also easy to replace with their swapping mechanism and can be installed in any orientation – both smart and convenient features lacked by the older devices.

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Quality of wires and cables

Switches and socket are only a part of the circuit, most of which is made by wires. Make sure you are using high-quality copper wiring to enhance the electric flow. The copper used in wiring also has several grades. Look for electrolytic grade copper which is a highly ductile and low resistant material. Other than that, when buying electrical wiring, take note of the size and insulation materials as well. Flame retardant poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is the best type of insulation material. Lastly, select wiring that is highly flexible to go with your modular switch and socket installation. Flexible wires are more conduit friendly and easier to lay. 

Trust branded products

Every country has policy regulations for electrical products but not all products sold within adhere to these safety standards. So, it’s very important to know the manufacturer and seller of the electrical products. Buying from market leading brands (e.g., Schneider Electric) can ensure that you are getting the highest-quality product for your home, as these brands always follow policy regulations, and their products are rated for safety across countries and continents.

So, that wraps up our discussion about things to consider when buying home electricals, but here’s a bonus point for you.

Schneider Electric India’s Online Shop

Schneider Electric – a global leader in home, office and industry electricals – now have their own e-shop for Indian customers. You can buy electrical products online directly from the brand, and trust Schneider Electric to deliver the best looking and safest product for your abode. Also, all our deliveries are contact-less, to ensure the highest levels of safety during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Looking forward to your visit to our e-shop at

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