ULTI Modular Switches by Schneider Electric, A Work of Art

ULTI Modular Switches by Schneider Electric, A Work of Art

Home electricals rarely find mention when we discuss the interiors of our dream home or suave new office space. Yet, these devices are ever present, offering utility and safety. Schneider Electric’s ULTI range of modular switches seeks to redefine that notion, introducing haute couture in interior space design with their ultra-clean lines and chic square profile.

ULTI modular switch and socket combinations are an amalgamation of cosmopolitan aesthetics and functionality needs. The award-winning design is instantly identifiable through its round dollies that represent both cultured modernity and effortless simplicity.

Lighting up your vision with splendor and delight

The ULTI switch takes the concept of interior décor to new heights, bringing you to another level of inspired living. The design blends contrasting geometries to bring unprecedented freshness to the concept of home electricals.

Moreover, the mechanism is designed to beautiful and displays a synergy between color, material and finish, unseen before in a standard-size wall plate. The switch is ringed with LED locaters, proffering a soft ambient glow that guides you in the dark.

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Opening up creative possibilities 

The freshness of design offered by ULTI switches is not limited to the plate and its periphery. Instead, it invites you to experiment and explore a world of possibilities that can be achieved using the metal, crystal glass, champagne gold, brushed silver and pearl white finishes. Combine these finishes with paints, wallpapers, paintings and choice lighting elements to give your interiors their own unique personality.

Where to buy? 

Schneider Electric India now has their own e-shop at shop.schneider-electric.co.in where you can browse and buy electrical products online. The shop offers the latest modular switch and socket designs and electrical accessories from the brand, also including the exclusive Wiser smart home solutions and APC UPS series. Schneider Electric India offers fast, contact-less delivery at your doorstep, taking all precautions mandated in the government’s COVID-19 protocols.

About Schneider Electric

A global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has operations in over 100 countries. The brand offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, automation, data centers and networking. Schneider Electric also has a broad presence in residential applications. 

Schneider Electric provides solutions that represent the best in lifestyle and innovation for offices, hotels and homes. These solutions include award-winning products in the areas of building and home automation, structured cabling, and designer switches and sockets, helping the finest architects around the world to achieve more with less.