The Downsides of Voltage Fluctuations

The Downsides of Voltage Fluctuations

If you have faced frequent power cuts, then you know how frustrating they are. Not only do power cuts affect your work and daily life, but also the health of all your appliances. This is because power outages are often accompanied by high voltage fluctuations, which are detrimental to the overall quality of your appliances and devices. While one cannot control the frequency of power cuts, we can all take measures to ensure our pieces of equipment are safeguarded during times of voltage fluctuations. This can be done with the aid of Mainline Stabilisers, also known as voltage stabilizers.

What Are Mainline Stabilisers?

Voltage stabilizers are devices that correct and regulate the voltage of electronic devices. This helps create a secure power supply even during times of power surges owing to outages. You may have seen refrigerators having an external voltage stabiliser. A mainline stabiliser works on the same principle, except this is used for the main power line and not for anyone appliance. So, a mainline stabiliser protects all the appliances across the house.

How Do Mainline Stabilisers Work?

Mainline stabilizers have an inbuilt transformer. This device then generates a standard voltage with the help of electromagnetic rays. You can visualize the mainline stabiliser as a guard between your house’s electrical supply unit and all your appliances. Mainline stabilizers efficiently monitor and stabilize voltage fluctuations before voltage fluctuations can damage the device. These are then attached to the main power of your home. Since mainline stabilizers ensure there is a consistent supply of electricity to devices, they help maintain device health.

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Benefits of Using Mainline Stabilisers

The core benefits of installing a mainline stabiliser are:

1) Efficiency - A mainline stabiliser ensures that all your appliances run efficiently at all times. Voltage fluctuations often cause the power supply to exceed or fall below the prescribed levels. This voltage differential between the electrical supply and the capacity of the device leads to the malfunctioning of the device. With the aid of a mainline stabiliser, the voltage levels remain stable. This efficiency in turn increases the longevity of equipment and eliminates malfunctions of devices.

2) Protection - Most electrical appliances in our homes are expensive. These are appliances that often cannot be repaired in case of permanent damage. Hence, these need to be replaced, which can prove to be very expensive. So, installing a cost-effective mainline stabiliser can protect your appliance from permanent damage. These stabilizers protect the devices from malfunction and also improve their life.

Choosing The Right Mainline Stabiliser

When choosing a stabiliser that best fits your needs, it’s best to take note of the power outages and voltage fluctuations occurring in your space. Next is to understand the power ratings of your appliance and to identify equipment that has specific power needs. Only then you should go ahead and purchase a mainline stabilizer that best works for your home. Also, keep in mind the future expansion load of devices in your home so you can seamlessly integrate them all without adding to the electrical load.

Mainline Stabilisers By Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a globally recognized brand that offers a range of electrical accessories and devices. The brand is known for its high-quality, durable, and cost-effective products. Schneider Electric values the safety of your space and your life and hence offers products that offer maximum security from malfunctions and electrical fires. The mainline stabilizers offered by Schneider Electric stay true to this design principle and are tried and tested to ensure that they offer the best protection against voltage fluctuations. The mainline stabilizers offered by Schneider Electric come with a range of advanced features, including automatic start, time delay, and automatic cut-off. Head to Schneider Electric to invest in high-quality and reliable mainline stabilisers.

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