The Crucial Components of a Distribution Board

The Crucial Components of a Distribution Board

Distribution boards are integral parts of every household. It is responsible for maintaining a steady flow of electricity throughout the home. The distribution board, consisting of several electrical components, can be described as a panel that supplies electricity to various electrical appliances. It collects the electrical feed from the main supply cables before distributing it to breakers and individual circuits.

To operate at optimal levels, a distribution board must be equipped with several components, including bus bars, automatic protective equipment, bypass equipment, and fuse links. This article aims at discussing the crucial components of a distribution board. 

    • Bus Bars - 

The process of transferring electric feed from the main supply line to individual circuits is heavily dependent on a component known as the ‘bus bar’. It consists of a metallic strip or a bar equipped with several conductors. The electricity from the main supply cable is drawn by the bus bar.  

Bus bars are usually equipped with aluminum and copper wirings. Not only do they have amazing conductive qualities, but they are also incredibly affordable, and are readily used in various other electrical components. As the bus bar needs to maintain a consistent flow to keep the distribution board operating optimally, copper and aluminum wiring are, therefore, the best fit. In addition, aluminum and copper are recyclable and encourage environmental sustainability.

    • Circuit Breakers - 

Circuit breakers serve as automatic protective equipment for electrical circuits. They limit the amount of electricity flowing through a live circuit at any point and prevent electrical damage to appliances during electrical surges. In addition, they protect from accidents like electrical fires and electrocution. When there is an excessive flow of electricity, the circuit breakers are automatically triggered to break the circuit and disconnect the flow of electricity. MCCB switch and MCBs are among the most frequently used circuit breakers.

Fuse links are low voltage cables that are used for protection in circuits that cannot accommodate sophisticated machinery like MCCBs and MCBs.

    • Residual Current Device -

Like circuit breakers, Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are installed on a circuit for the safety and prevention of accidents. RCDs monitor the live circuit at all times to ensure there is no current leak. It measures the electricity entering and leaving the circuit to check there is no leak in the wiring installation. A leak can pose severe health risks and can be lethal.

    • Bypass Equipment -

Bypass equipment is used as a fail-safe device to ensure a consistent flow of electricity to electrical appliances even if the in-line circuit is failing, or has been disconnected for maintenance and servicing. The bypass equipment consists of a switch that can be operated manually and placed across the circuit. 

Bottom Line

The distribution board, therefore, consists of several crucial components that must work simultaneously to ensure a steady flow of electricity throughout the household. If you’re looking towards purchasing any or all of the distribution board components mentioned above, Schneider Electric is the place for you. Featuring a great range of electrical components, Schneider Electric is a one-stop destination that has a solution for all your electrical requirements! In addition, you can enjoy great deals on the MCCB 63 amp 4 pole price and other electric protection equipment. 

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