Smart Lighting For A Better Home

Smart Lighting For A Better Home

If you are even slightly curious about tech, then you must have noticed the massive advancements the tech industry has made in the last decade. The world is changing for the better with the aid of tech-driven designs and innovations. This evolution is not just limited to our gadgets but has made its way into our homes and lifestyles. Today, you can shop for a mobile phone with the aid of voice assistants. Smart technology is helping us save time and resources, so we have more time to do the things we love. One such smart technology that is accessible to all is Wi-Fi home automation.

How Do Smart Lights Work?

Home automation as a category includes a range of appliances and devices that make life more systemic, organized, and hassle-free. The most popular of these are smart lighting devices. These are changing the way we light our homes and conserve energy. The technology behind smart lights works in one of 2 ways - either through Wi-Fi connectivity or via Bluetooth devices. Wifi-smart switches are designed to aid the easy use of these smart lights. Installing smart wi-fi-controlled lights means that you can use voice control or mobile apps to manage the lighting in your home or commercial space.

Benefits of Installing Wi-Fi Home Automation

The tech behind smart lights may seem futuristic, but these lights are a reality in modern homes today. Installing wi-fi home automation is not just a matter of tech prestige but offers many benefits as well. In this section, we will explore the many advantages of installing wi-fi light switches and bulbs for your commercial and residential space.

  1. Conserve Energy - Most tech companies are also championing the cause of environmental conservation. This ethical reasoning has seeped into the many Wi-Fi home automation devices being manufactured today. Even with smart lighting, the bulbs used are made of CFL or LED. Both of which reduce the amount of electricity required. It is stated that smart bulbs help conserve up to 70% of energy in comparison to incandescent bulbs.
  2. Longevity - Imagine having to change a light bulb every few weeks! This will prove to be expensive and time-consuming. The LED bulbs used in smart lighting offer longevity and durability of up to 50,000 hours. This means you don’t have to worry about changing your light bulbs frequently.
  3. Security - The smart lights of today are made with motion-detection technology. This means that the bulbs turn on and off based on the motion occurring in the room. This helps you know if someone has entered your space with the aid of mobile apps. Any suspicious intrusion can then be quickly detected, both indoors and outdoors, and necessary action can be taken.
  4. Light Customizations - We all have preferences in the lighting we prefer, based on our moods. For instance, smart lights will brighten during your work hours and dim when you want to relax. These customizations can be easily configured with the aid of Wi-Fi smart switches, remotes, and mobile apps. This means you come home to an ambiance you like. The lights can be customized for different occasions and celebrations at home. You can also play around with colors and effects when it comes to smart lights.
  5. Ease of Use - Smart lightings offer easy accessibility to better manage and control the lighting of your room. This is helpful for young children and the elderly who may have trouble reaching switches or navigating in dark rooms. Motion sensors, voice control, and other automation aid in the easy use of these smart lights.

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Schneider Electric - Invest In The Best Wifi Home Automation

Since smart lights offer advanced tech and upgraded functionalities, it is often assumed these are expensive. The reality is quite the opposite. Smart lights are cost-effective and help reduce your electricity bill cost. These lights offer a smarter and more accessible home experience. If you too are looking to implement Wi-Fi home automation in your house, then head to Schneider Electric. The brand offers a vast range of smart bulbs, lighting systems, Wi-Fi smart switches, Wi-Fi light switches, and more. These products are durable, reliable and, above all, will not burn a hole in your pocket. To make your home smarter, make smart purchasing decisions with the help of Schneider Electric.

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