Turn Your Home Into A Smart One With Home Automation System

Turn Your Home Into A Smart One With Home Automation System

The progress of technology across ages has laid a deep impact on our daily lives. Our lives have been made comfortable and extremely convenient with each new invention.

With improvements in data transmission and remote-control technology, the home automation system has become a popular sight in modern homes. Home automation systems have grown immensely popular through the Internet of Things and have been complemented by their easy operation and accessibility using smartphones. The fact is, home automation systems have become an integral aspect of present-day architecture and interior decor.

Range of high-quality home automation systems from Schneider Electric

A simple household can be transformed into a smart one with just the integration of a home automation system from Schneider Electric. You do not need to restrict your purchase to a single kind of home automation system because Schneider Electric has a wide variety of products with amazing features.

The best home automation system that comes with a wide range of products for all kinds of requirements is Wiser. Wiser is a leading home automation system from Schneider Electric, available at an affordable range. Just like the most popular and high-end home automation systems, Wiser is easy to install and integrates with your house appliances and electrical devices easily, contributing to its overall convenience.

With so many options available on the internet, it can be quite difficult for you to find the best home automation system which will fulfil all your requirements. But Schneider Electric makes your job a great deal easier by making a variety of high-quality yet affordable home automation systems available at your fingertips. Given below are a few home automation systems from Wiser available at Schneider Electric that is most popular as well as extremely efficient.

Wiser Single Channel Curtain Controller

This system can efficiently control the likes of Venetian blinds, skylights, roller curtains, motorised gates, and motorised blackout curtains, as well as drapes. Your wish of closing the blinds with just a click is fulfilled with the Wiser Single Channel Curtain Controller.

Wiser Fan Speed Controller

The Wiser Fan Speed Controller is small in size but comes with some of the most high-end features. It is 100% retrofit and can be easily installed behind existing switches. It can efficiently control fan speeds using app control as well as voice control. The latter can be done by integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) aggregator. The Wiser Fan Speed Controller can also be combined easily with other Z-wave devices.

Wiser Smart Doorbell

Tighten the security of your home with the Wiser Smart Doorbell. With just one push on the doorbell, start a video call for you to see who is calling at the door. The doorbell is connected via Wi-Fi and can be integrated into your smartphone so that you can answer the doorbell from anywhere and at any time. You can see and talk to your visitor from your phone, thereby improving your security. With an intelligent motion detector and video recording, the Wiser smart doorbell protects you from unwanted intruders 24/7. It comes with night vision, thanks to infrared LEDs so that you will know who is at the door even in the dim lights of the night. Just download the Wiser app to view the recordings and talk to the visitors at the door remotely. The app is free of charge and comes with storage.  

Wiser Automation Gateway

The extremely easy to install and use Wiser Automation Gateway can be easily integrated with Alexa, Google Home, or any other smart home system for a smooth controlling of your devices. Powered by 5 Vdc, the Wiser automation gateway can be placed anywhere, on the desk or table, for easy interaction. The Wiser automation gateway can be simply connected with LAN, Wi-Fi, as well as Z waves, and the user interface is through the Wiser app. You can also enable push notifications on your iOS or Android devices to stay connected at all times.

Wiser Two-Channel Dimmer Controller

Easily convert your mechanical switches into smart ones with the Wiser two-channel dimmer controller. It can support two direct channel dimmers as well as one channel direct dimmer and one channel analogue dimmer. It comes with only the dimmer mode and is compatible with most leading dimming technologies. You can use bell switches along with the Wiser two-channel dimmer controller for increasing or decreasing the light intensity manually.

Buy the best home automation systems at the Schneider Electric store

Apart from the above-mentioned smart home devices, you can also avail of other Wiser home automation devices at the Schneider Electric online store, such as Wiser four-channel automation relay and Wiser 1 channel analogue dimmer. Turn your home into a smart one easily with the Wiser devices.

And, not just home automation devices, the online Schneider Electric store lets you access amazing offers on a wide selection of other different electrical components to turn your house into a smart home. It is a one-stop online store for all your electrical needs. Visit the online store for the best deals. 

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