RCCB Working Principles & Benefits

RCCB Working Principles & Benefits

Electricity has become such an integral and indispensable part of our lives now that our lives without electricity seem practically impossible. However, like its benefits, electricity comes with its share of hazards that can impact human lives and properties adversely. Fire and electrocution are two major risks associated with electricity. Therefore, we have to be extra careful when it comes to installing and using electricity and electrical equipment in our homes. 

There are many safety devices available against electrical hazards. But you must know their correct usage and implementation. A residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) is an excellent safety device used for the protection of electrical circuits. Read on to know more about the types of RCCB, how RCCB works, and its benefits. 

What is RCCB?

Before we go into the details of the RCCB working principle, let us understand what is RCCB and why we need the device. 

RCCB is an electric current sensing device. It can automatically measure the amount of current and disconnect the circuit when there is a fault in the connected circuit or when the current surpasses the rated sensitivity. 

RCCBs prove to be especially helpful in case of a sudden earth fault. They offer protection from the risks of electrocution or electric shocks and in worse cases, fire breakouts too. With the installation of RCCB, the circuit trips immediately, hence minimising the chances of electrical shocks, fires, and electrocutions. 

Understanding the RCCB working principle 

The mechanism of how RCCB works is quite simple. When the phase and the neutral line in an electrical supply line carry the same amount of current, there is a smooth flow of electricity. This also indicates that there is no fault in the circuit. When equal current flows in the neutral and phase coil, the same amount of magnetic flux is produced. As the neutral and the phase coil are wound in the opposite direction of one another, the final magnetic flux comes to zero. With zero resultant flux, there will be no flow of current to the relay or in the sensing coil. 

However, in case of an earth fault or earth leakage, the flow of current starts from the phase to the ground. As a result, unbalanced current flows through the neutral and the phase coils. 

With disruption in the current flow, the magnetic flux produced by the neutral and phase coil is also unequal. The resultant flux produces an emf in the sensing coil. As the sensing coil and the relay are in a close circuit, the current starts flowing through the sensing coil and the relay. 

The relay transmits a signal to the circuit breaker for breaking the contact. This is either done by disconnecting the power supply or by tripping the RCCB. 

Different types of RCCB available in India

There are mainly two different types of RCCB you can buy, which are 2-pole RCCB and 4-pole RCCB. Let us discuss both types in detail:

  • 2-pole RCCB The 2-pole RCCB is mainly used in a single-phase supply, where there is only a live wire and a neutral wire. This variant of RCCB has two ends and the live wire and the neutral wire are connected at these two ends. You can switch the RCCB on and off with a rotary switch. A 2-pole RCCB comes with a test button, which helps in periodically testing the RCCB’s functionality.
  • 4-pole RCCB The use of 4-pole RCCB can be seen in a 3-phase supply connection, which has 3-phase wires and 1 neutral wire. Like 2-pole RCCB, the 4-pole RCCB also has two ends, where the 3-phase wires and the single neutral wires are connected. The main working principle of the 4-pole RCCB is similar to that of the 2-pole RCCB. 

Benefits of using RCCB

RCCB comes with many benefits and some of the most important ones are as follows:

Helps with early detection of problems

RCCB detects current leakage and other electrical issues fast before any unwanted accidents can occur. With such early intervention and repairs, you can save both time and money. 

Improves safety

RCCB protects people from electrical shocks, electrocution, and even fire breakouts from current leakage, ground faults, insulation faults, and so on. 

Easy to install and maintain

You can install and maintain RCCB easily by integrating it into the existing electrical system without the need for upgrades or modifications. 

Better reliability

RCCB is manufactured to be durable and reliable and it can withstand lots of pressure in varying environments. 

Improved energy efficiency 

As RCCB detects and interrupts current leakage, it lowers energy costs and improves energy efficiency. 

Only opt for good quality RCCB for enhanced safety

RCCBs are available in different types. You can choose the type of RCCB which suits your needs best. As RCCBs offer real-time protection for the circuits, you must purchase them from a reliable source. Shop all your electrical goods requirements including RCCBs from the Schneider Electric store for the best quality electrical products at the most reasonable rates. For more information on the products available in India, browse through the official website.
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