Distribution Panel Board Fundamentals: Know all

Distribution Panel Board Fundamentals: Know all

Electricity is supplied to your home, which is how you are able to power up your air conditioner, television, refrigerator and switch on your lights and fans. But, do you know the intricacies of the distribution of electricity? Has it ever crossed your mind how one source of electricity can provide power to so many different appliances? If you have, this article will, hopefully, satiate your curiosity. 

What is a distribution panelboard?

If you know your geography well, you will be familiar with the characteristic of a river and how it gets divided into multiple smaller water bodies known as its distributaries as it flows towards the sea. The electrical circuit is somewhat similar to a river and its distributaries. 

On one side, the main circuit is connected to a power supply and on the other, it divides into multiple circuits connecting to the different appliances it supplies power to. This point of division is facilitated by a distribution panel board. Its function is to create branches from the main circuit and use them to supply power to the different appliances and systems connected to it. This is how so many different appliances in your home, as well as so many houses in your neighbourhood, receive electricity from a common main power supply. 

To avoid any accidents, these distribution panelboards are kept enclosed in structures known as fuse boxes but they are also found in semi-enclosed and completely open systems. 

How is a distribution panelboard used?

A distribution panel board is used in multiple settings. While a single-phase distribution board may be used at home, multiple phase boards can be used in office spaces or big social gatherings where one source of power is used to operate innumerable electrical devices and appliances. 

A distribution panel board is essentially used to divide the main circuit into smaller ones. But why would you do so if it does not benefit you in any way? 

The division gives you the individual control over the circuits so that you can control a particular appliance without disrupting the function of another one which would have been the case without the panel board. Moreover, in case of an issue short circuit which requires immediate shut down of an appliance, only the required circuit can be cut off from the main supply of power without hampering the smooth functioning of the others. Circuit protection devices can do their job well with different appliances with the help of individual circuits formed due to an electronic panel board. Thus, the distribution panelboard not only gives you better control over the different circuits but also keeps you safe from electronic mishaps.

What is a distribution panel board composed of?

The miniature circuit board or MCB panelboard consists of many components like the main circuit breaker, miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breaker, moulded case circuit breaker, isolators, etc. 

While the main circuit breaker is used to cut off the principal supply of current from the entire circuit, the miniature circuit breakers are concerned with the smaller circuits. They are capable of detecting the slight change in the current and voltage and act accordingly. 

The residual current circuit breaker is the most sensitive of the components. It even harnesses the ability to sense when electricity is flowing into a human body or a water body. It then promptly disconnects the circuit from the main supply of power. 

The moulded case circuit breaker is more powerful than the rest. While the other may take time to act upon an emergency situation, the moulded case circuit breaker can spontaneously interrupt a huge supply of power to prevent any disaster. 

In case all of the above circuit breakers fail, the isolators come to your rescue. They can be operated manually and can be flipped out in an emergency situation where the other systems have surrendered. Isolators are useful when it comes to working on a particular circuit without affecting the others connected to the same main circuit. 

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