Powerful UPS Battery Backup from APC By Schneider Electric

Powerful UPS Battery Backup from APC By Schneider Electric

During the pandemic, all work & play activities are happening from home, which means uninterruptible power supply has become a must-have. The APC home UPS solutions by Schneider Electric are a handy solution for keeping your family’s data and devices connected. From work and play devices to safety and security devices, these UPS systems can offer a complete cover during brief power outages. Moreover, a UPS safeguards your computing hardware, gaming devices and home theatre systems, providing full equipment protection against lag and file erosion.

An APC UPS also ensures that your computers and smart home devices are protected against unexpected power grid failures, surges and even lightning damage. High-quality battery backup and surge protectors in APC UPS devices deliver industrial-strength protection and reliability for your prized gadgets and appliances.

UPS for PC and Home Networks

Power outages can disrupt your work from home routine, but only if you do not have a reliable source of backup power. APC UPS for PC and computer hardware ensures that your prints and emails are always on time.

UPS for PS4 and XBOX ONE X

Don’t let power outage ruin the fun, get a compatible APC UPS for your gaming setup and never lose points or save files again. An APC UPS for gaming consoles can also power your internet router to keep you connected.

UPS for Home Theatre

Family time is also important, and a UPS allows you to have uninterrupted enjoyment with family and friends during movie nights. Access streaming content without a hitch with a reliable power backup from your APC UPS.


With 20+ million users worldwide, APC UPS by Schneider Electric is the most reliable name in home power backup industry. APC offers the same level of quality and protection in its home UPS solutions that it provides to Fortune 500 companies, MNCs and universities through its industrial solutions.

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