All About WiFi Controlled Relay Board

  All About WiFi Controlled Relay Board

Electricity has remained one of the biggest driving forces of mankind in the 21st century. On an everyday basis, we use electricity at the industrial as well as at the household level for carrying out several important functions.

Modern homes are laid with an intricate network for evenly distributing electricity to power devices including lights and fans, charging laptops and smartphones, and running complex electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and televisions. And, to conveniently distribute the incoming electrical supply around the house, one of the primary electrical components used is the relay board.

What are WiFi-controlled relay boards?

 A relay board is generally understood as an electric switch, which can connect with multiple electrical appliances. This switch is not just responsible for switching a device on or off, but also for determining the amount of voltage passing through a certain device. A relay board may have multiple terminals. This implies that it can be connected to more than one device and still function efficiently.

With modern technological inventions like home automation, you can conveniently operate all electrical components remotely as well. Thus, you no longer have to move about physically, flipping switches in order to make sure all the appliances in your house function at your command. Such relay boards can be operated manually with the aid of a smartphone, remote, or any other similar device. A WiFi relay module has the same working principle, and can easily be controlled by a WiFi signal. WiFi-controlled relay boards are only used for alternating current switching circuits and are extremely convenient to use.

How do WiFi-controlled relay boards work?

A WiFi relay board is equipped with three terminals. The first terminal is connected to the incoming power supply, while another remains disconnected from it. The third common terminal is connected with a power source and the operating switch. Relay boards also have three other inputs used for connecting the relay with the incoming power supply. As electricity flows through the relay board, it activates the electromagnet within the board. On passing an electrical charge through the inputs, causing the disconnected terminal to connect with the power source, while the already connected terminal gets disconnected. This causes the electrical flow to get redirected.

Normally, you would need a remote control to direct your commands. But, in the case of a WiFi-controlled relay board, a particular operating device is not required to control the settings of the different devices. If you establish a connection between a relay board and a WiFi signal, it will enable you to control the functions of any device at your home from any device which is connected to the WiFi. This is definitely more convenient than basic relay boards which restrict your operation to a single mode of the controller.

Advantages of using WiFi controlled relay boards

Since with a WiFi-controlled relay board, any device can be controlled with the sole requirement of a WiFi signal, the controller does not need to be in the vicinity of the relay board. Instead, the board can receive signals from any part of the house.

Moreover, a single signal can be used to control multiple devices which is what makes it so useful and convenient. You do not have to bother whether a certain device is adapted to the alternate or direct current because a WiFi-controlled relay board can adapt easily to both.  

WiFi-controlled relay boards are extremely cost-effective and takes up very little space without causing any obstruction. The cost of maintenance is also very low because whenever a problem is detected, you can replace the individual parts to nullify the issue instead of changing the entire board.  

WiFi controlled relay boards from Schneider Electric –

The EasyPact TVS Thermal Overload Relay from Schneider Electric is popular for its ability to save power consumption. The durable design of the EasyPact TVS Thermal Overload Relay makes it operable at extreme temperatures.

This relay board can add to the electrical safety of your house by maintaining a constant output voltage of 380-460V, making it safe for any connected electrical device.

This relay board can be installed out of sight. Its efficient build enables it to perform excellently even at extreme temperatures. It comes with superior mounting support.

Buy the best quality WiFi controlled relay board from Schneider Electric online store

A WiFi-controlled relay board is a must-have if you want to lead a life in luxury. It provides you with all the basic requirements along with added features that raise the standards of comfort. Turn your home into a smart one with WiFi-controlled relay boards.

Schneider Electric features a wide variety of WiFi-controlled relay boards for you to choose from. The store also has other electronic appliances with advanced features that can fulfill all your electrical needs and requirements. The Schneider Electric online store is a one-stop destination for all your electrical necessities and solutions.

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