5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Step Lights

5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Step Lights

Easy access to technological upgrades has made it convenient for people to design their homes as they wish. And with the growing need for appealing aesthetics, people pay attention to every single thing like choosing the tile pattern and texture to getting fancy lighting for the interiors. Among the many varieties of lights are LED step lights, which not just enhance your staircase but illuminate one’s pathway better. It is extremely essential if you have senior members in the family. It adds to the safety and convenience while climbing stairs. LED lights for steps are used more commonly in commercial places like theatres, public gardens, and hotel corridors. They can also be used efficiently in large towers or penthouses with multiple storeys. If you are considering buying lights for steps, you must consider these 5 points: 

  1. Source of light: There are so many types of lighting options available in the market today and a lot of preference is given to LED step light as LED technology is energy-efficient. While LEDs look attractive and are enough for the application, some other available light sources include halogen, xenon, and incandescent to fluorescent. You can compare with pictures of how each of these lights appears and select the one that you feel suits your design ideas. Led step lights look beautiful indoors as well as outdoors. 
  2. Installation process: At the time of purchasing LED lights for steps also consider the installation process. Surface-mounted step lights sit on top of a flat surface and protrude ahead. With these lights, you avoid the trouble of cutting through the walls or causing any other damage in the process. Recessed step lights look very neat and appealing and are also available in a lot of varieties. You may even customise these lights and they can be used indoors as well as on outdoor pathways. When spaced out well, recessed lights evenly illuminate the stairs with a warm glow. 

    Battery-operated and solar-operated led lights are also available which require no hassles of wiring. LED strip lights are also available which are attached to the edge of each step. So, depending on the kind of installation you are willing to make, you can make the choice of LED lights for steps.

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  3. Shape and size: LED step lights are just limited to being used around the stairs, but are also used indoors, in one’s living room or near the entrance for decorative purposes. Given the rising trend, they are now available in a lot of shapes and sizes. You can choose the mini lights to be in circular, rectangular or square shapes. LED tape or rope is also used along the pathways. One can even choose the colour of these lights and get a customised set to give your home/outdoors a funky look. The yellow-toned circular LED lights for steps are the most common but when you go to make a purchase, always look at all the other options you could choose from. 
  4. Material: Choose a durable material when choosing LED step lights, especially if you live near the seaside. Most LED step lights are made with a ceramic body. But if you are living in a saline area, or getting these lights around the poolside, you must look for brass, copper or stainless-steel material. Other materials are likely to corrode and you will need to keep replacing them within a few years. 

    When choosing as per your décor style, you must also consider whether you want the light covering as louver or lens. Louvers cast an unfiltered light, while lens covering give a sort of reflection. Both of them look nice, but it depends on what visually appeals to you and your home. 

  5. Indoor or Outdoor usage: LED step lights can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Determine whether your usage is to accentuate the stair space or is it from a safety perspective to illuminate the area better. If you have a spacious porch or a garden outside your home, then LED step lights along the pathway are necessary for safety reasons to illuminate the area. You can even have a remote-controlled path light or one with a motion sensor, that light up when someone passes along. For your indoor staircase, you can even utilise LED tape at the underside of the railing. 

If you are planning on installing LED step lights, these are some key points that you should consider before making a purchase. Also, be mindful of the IP rating depending on whether your usage is indoors or outdoors. It tells you the protection level of these lights against water, dust and other solid matter. The higher the number, the better the protection offered. So it is an indication of where your LED lights are more suitable for use. When looking for good quality LED step lights with electronic control panels, head to Schneider Electric

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