What is WhatsApp Commerce and How Koko 2.0 is Transforming the Electrical Industry?

What is WhatsApp Commerce and How Koko 2.0 is Transforming the Electrical Industry?

In the rapidly developing world of technology, businesses are constantly on the lookout for creative and innovative ways to communicate with their customers and streamline their operations. Two such technological developments that have quickly become game-changers in the arena of customer interaction, communication, and transactions are the advent of WhatsApp Commerce and Virtual Assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

Read on to know about the functioning of WhatsApp Commerce and how the virtual assistant Koko 2.0 is revolutionising the electrical industry with its business-friendly and customer-oriented features.

What is WhatsApp Commerce?

WhatsApp Commerce is an extremely useful blend of the very popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, and e-commerce capabilities. It facilitates the interaction between businesses and customers by allowing businesses to use WhatsApp to showcase their products, interact with customers, reply to queries, and even make transactions. This streamlined approach permits customers to explore, make enquiries, and purchase products seamlessly, all through a messaging app that is most likely already installed on their phones!

Let us take you through the evolution and the basics of WhatsApp Commerce:

  • In 2019, the Facebook-owned popular messaging platform WhatsApp inaugurated a novel shopping button on ‘WhatsApp Business’. This button permits users to access the entire catalogue of a business.
  • If this feature is in use, customers will be able to see a storefront icon just beside the name of the business. This greatly eases the process of discovering catalogues and comprehending the kinds of products and/or services offered by a particular business.
  • Before this, users had to look up the business profile to check whether they dealt with the products or services customers were looking for. The shopping icon further helps businesses in increasing the visibility of their products and boosting sales.
  • Many business owners are also at present receiving and accepting payments for products and services via ‘payments on WhatsApp.’ In fact, according to recent reports, WhatsApp boasts over 400 million users in India today and is a major competitor, alongside other players like PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm, when it comes to making secure online payments.

The Rise of Koko 2.0

Koko 2.0 is a virtual shopping assistant on WhatsApp, a proprietary chatbot of Schneider Electric eCommerce platform, eShop. It’s the first WhatsApp chatbot in the electrical industry to bring ecommerce experience on a mobile phone.

Koko 2.0 has proven to be especially beneficial for the electrical industry because it revolutionises buying for products in the industry in an incredibly easy & seamless manner.  

Thus, Schneider Electric EShop’s Koko 2.0 is an innovative technology tailored to the electrical industry, which has tapped into the power of WhatsApp Commerce to revolutionise shopping for retailers & end users alike. By leveraging Koko 2.0, Schneider Electric eShop is transforming its customer interface, promoting sales, and comprehensively enhancing efficiency. 

Here Are 5 Ways in Which Schneider Electric Eshop Is Using Koko 2.0 To Support Its Customers and Enhance Their Satisfaction

1. Seamless Product Discovery

Koko 2.0 facilitates Schneider Electric eShop in showcasing their products in an interesting and user-friendly manner. Customers are encouraged to browse through visually appealing and often interactive catalogues and discover a varied range of electrical products suited to their needs. They shall also receive detailed descriptions, pricing, and specifications of products through Koko 2.0. The immersive experience offered by Koko 2.0 enhances product discovery and opens up a diverse array of Schneider Electric’s products to customers.

2. Easy Buying Process

Koko 2.0 makes it extremely easy to add to cart while conversing with the chatbot. The user interface is designed for one to see the product images, prices, details and add to cart multiple products for purchase. All 6000+ products on the eCommerce website is available on Koko 2.0 with all specifications and filters for color, price etc can all be done in the chat itself. 

3. Multiple modes of Payment

Koko 2.0 not only helps you browse and order but also pay securely with multiple modes of payment – Cash on delivery, credit card, UPI and much more. The payment is completely secure so that you can shop with complete ease. Schneider Electric’s Koko 2.0 is committed to become a consumer first chatbot that can make the buying journey simple and super easy without any complications.

4. One step Bulk Ordering

Koko 2.0 is the first amongst its competitors to introduce bulk ordering on the chatbot. It will enable customers to place an order for multiple quantities of various products, all in one go. Koko 2.0 shared a template csv or excel file in which retailers can edit their requirements and upload it in the bot as an attachment. Its truly as simple and easy as that. This revolutionizing feature makes electrical product buying quick & hassle free, a boon for the ever-busy retailer.

5. Instant Customer Support

Koko 2.0 assists Schneider Electric eshop to offer instant and personalised customer support through WhatsApp. Customers can easily ask questions about products and services, seek technical assistance, mitigate confusion, and request quotes. They can address and resolve concerns from the comfort of their homes using the chat interface. With this round-the-clock real-time interaction, Schneider Electric is enhancing customer satisfaction and working towards the betterment of its customer service processes. Koko 2.0 is built to be the virtual assistant that helps the customers feel understood and offers proactive customer service. This goes a long way in bolstering customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The convergence of WhatsApp Commerce and Koko 2.0 continues to reshape the electrical industry by revolutionising easy purchase, customer interaction, streamlining offers and products, and driving business growth. As Schneider Electric embraced the immersive and transformative technologies, WhatsApp Commerce and Koko 2.0 has paved the way for a future where the brand can thrive in the digital landscape of the electrical industry.

Schneider Electric eShop’s Koko 2.0 at your Service

Are you a novice in the market for electrical equipment? Do jargon and long conversations put you off? Schneider Electric eshop’s Koko 2.0 is designed specially to suit your needs. Schneider Electric is one of the most trusted and popular brands in the market for electrical equipment. It is the constant endeavour of the brand to keep up with changing requirements and provide the customers with the best possible service in the least possible time.

Browse, order and track through Schneider’s virtual assistant Koko 2.0. Ask as many questions about as many products as you want from the comfort of your home. Koko 2.0 is available for you 24/7. What’s more, the brand’s new chatbot is available for you even on WhatsApp! If you want to experience this amazing shopping experience, say Hi to our Koko 2.0 chatbot at +919902641526 or scan the QR code below

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