Tweak your Lighting with Schneider Electric Home Automation

Tweak your Lighting with Schneider Electric Home Automation

Home automation systems are fast becoming mainstream home accessories. Home automation systems like Schneider Electric’s WiserTM make home automation easy with phone and voice controls. Most homeowners usually start with smart lighting and fan controls before moving to more sophisticated controls. If you too have picked up a home automation system for smart lighting controls, here are five things to try.

Scheduling your lights

Once the lights are on, life is on! Get out of bed on a lazy morning with smart light scheduling. For scheduling your lights, download the official WiserTM app. The interface is simple and easy to learn for new users. You can also use connected smart home applications such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Light up your homecomings

With smart lights in place, fumbling in the dark for light switches becomes a thing of the past. Simply use the WiserTM home automation app to light up your home with a welcoming glow when you arrive from work. To avoid any distractions while driving home, use the voice command and scheduling features to activate lights remotely.

Save energy with group control

Smart lights not only save hassle but also help in saving energy. Smart light switches allow you to control lighting by room or zone. For example, you can schedule the lights in your garage, driveway, or basement to go dark past midnight or use them in tandem with dimmers to lower the intensity of the brightness.

Setting the mood

Programmable smart bulbs allow control over brightness, color temperature, and hues. Use WiserTM smart home dimmers to control the intensity of your smart bulbs and enhance the look and feel of your interiors. In addition, you can set the mood for things like watching movies, daytime or nighttime reading, dinner parties, and more.

Take control with WiserTM

Once you have mastered the lighting controls, charge ahead to set up your multimedia and telecommunications with Schneider Electric’s WiserTM. It allows your household appliances, lights, and computing devices to communicate with each other to improve the quality of life and enable a wiser way of running your home.

Shop with us

While you can pick up smart lights from the market, picking up a home automation relay needs sensible decision-making. Buying a high-quality home automation system ensures that your smart home is compatible with internationally standardized products and can be easily upgraded in the future.

If you are looking for a smart lighting solution or smart home automation, in particular, Schneider Electric’s WiserTM home automation packages offer the best quality and ease of use. Now, you can check out Wiser smart home automation package prices and buy them from our online electrical shop.

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