Setting up New Sockets and Switches: A Design Guide

Setting up New Sockets and Switches: A Design Guide

Are you tired of your home or office's drab, outdated sockets and switches? As they say, it is time to switch things up! You might dread the concept of setting up new ones yourself, but adding a few changes can give your space a much-needed face-lift.

You don’t need to be a professional electrician to know the basics of how to get started with setting up new sockets and switches. In this guide, we will cover all the key points from deciding where to place your new switches and sockets to what kind of maintenance is needed after installation. 

What Types of Switches and Sockets to Choose?

Once you have decided to set up designer switches and sockets in your home, you have to decide on the type of switch and socket.  Here is a guide to the different kinds available -

  • Toggle Switches: this type of switch is what you would typically find in a household or commercial setting. It is characterized by its on/off rocking lever, making it easy to control power and lighting.
  • Push Button Switches: These switches require you to press down on their surface for activating. It is best used when you don't need constant access to power and lighting but rather at intermittent bursts.
  • Pilot Lights: if you're looking for visibility when it comes to power and lighting, a pilot light switch is the right one for you. When the switch is turned on, there will be an indicator light so you know that power is flowing through the socket.
  • Dimmer Switches: most popular for mood lighting purposes, dimmer switches can provide adjustable control for both power and lighting. This type of switch also helps conserve electricity.
  • Automated Electronic Switches and Sockets: ideal for those who want convenience with their sockets and switches, this type can be operated both manually and wirelessly with the use of a remote control or smartphone app.

Positioning and Installation of Sockets and Switches

When it comes to installing modern switches and sockets, positioning is the key. It's important to know where you want to place them before you start, as it can be difficult and expensive to move the sockets and switches after they have been installed.

To make sure that your switches and sockets are placed in an easily accessible area, there are a few key points to remember:

  • The switch should be placed at least three feet away from any water source.
  • Position switches and sockets away from any appliances or large pieces of furniture that could obstruct access.
  • Try to keep the socket within arm's reach of both you and any guests.
  • Consider the age of those who will be using the switch or socket before positioning it too high or low.

Correct positioning and installation are essential for effective access to power and it makes a huge difference in user experience! Make sure you plan out where exactly you want the switches and sockets to be before drilling holes, to save yourself time, hassle, money, and potential electrical damage.

Planning the Layout of Switches and Sockets

Once you know the minimum number of switches and sockets needed, it is time to plan the layout. 

When planning the layout, consider these tips:

  • Keep socket outlets within easy reach, but not too close to doorways or windows.
  • Place light switches near doorways and stairs for convenience.
  • Have a minimum clearance distance of at least 150mm from any other socket outlet.
  • Place extra sockets away from existing electrical equipment such as computers and televisions for safety reasons.
  • If you need more than one switch for a light, it is best to place at least one of them near the door for convenience.
  • If you need an extra socket outlet for something like a fridge or oven, make sure to position them away from the heat source to prevent any hazards.

By following the above guidelines when planning the layout of your new switches and sockets, you can ensure that your home is safe, stylishly designed, and convenient for use.

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Designing Your Space with Modern Switches and Sockets

When you are taking up a project to update the switches and sockets in your home or business, do not just consider the look of the space, but take into account the functionality and durability too. 

This is where modern switches and sockets become an important consideration. From their pleasing designs to resilient construction, modern switches and sockets offer more than just aesthetic appeal. 

Here are some features to consider:

Slim Design

Modern switches and sockets have extremely user-friendly designs and are not bulky. However, they still come with a host of amazing features. The sleek designs of modern switches and sockets can be a game-changer if you are short on space.


Modern switches and sockets are constructed with high-quality durable materials that can withstand bumps, bangs, scrapes, and scratches. Their durability helps them stay in one piece for longer, so you won’t need to replace them as often as traditional sockets and switches.

Choice of Colours

Modern switches and sockets come in a range of colours that blend into any interior design scheme seamlessly. Create richer tones by adding colour-matched back boxes or switch plates for an extra dose of sophistication.

Modern switches and sockets are definitely worth considering when designing or re-vamping your space. 

How to Use Colour and Texture with Designer Switches and Sockets

When it comes to designing with switches and sockets, colour and texture can be used to create a dynamic look. And with the range of designer switches and sockets available, it is easy to customise a look that fits into your aesthetic.


When you think of texture, the surface material of switches and sockets is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Choosing a tactile finish can add a layer of warmth to any room. Popular options for designer switches and sockets include wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, or glass. Some can even be personalized with custom engravings or marble-look finishes.


The colour you choose for your switches and sockets can also be used to enhance the overall look of the space. Go for bolder colours like bright blue or red for an eye-catching effect, or choose subtle creamy hues for more elegant spaces. Mix it up with different colours for each switch plate for an interesting contrast – just remember to keep one element consistent throughout the room so that there is some flow in your design.

No matter which colour or texture you decide on, adding designer switches and sockets is an easy way to give a new look to a space without having to redecorate the entire place. 

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Tips for Making the Most of Your Investment in Modern Switches and Sockets

One of the best investments you can make for your home's electrical system is to upgrade to modern switches and sockets

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your investment:

Choose Quality Switches & Sockets

Choose quality sockets and switches that have good insulation and are resistant to fire, heat, moisture, and other environmental stressors. Quality products will also last much longer than their cheaper counterparts, so don’t think twice about investing in quality.

Install Type-C Switches and Sockets

When it comes to installations, Type C switches and sockets provide more protection against accidental electrocution by ensuring a higher level of insulation. They also offer convenience since you don’t need to change them when you upgrade your wiring in future.

Connect with an Expert Electrician

Connecting with an experienced electrician can help you identify what kind of switches and sockets are compatible with your existing wiring and ensure correct installation for added safety.

Making sure you get the right switches and sockets for your home is not only smart for aesthetic purposes but also for safety. 

Quality sockets and switches at Schneider Electric

Changing switches and sockets can make a big difference to the look and feel of any interior design project. Taking the time to research and understand the wide range of options available means that you can design a space that is stylish and practical. By opting for modern switches and sockets, you can make a statement and ensure that you have the right set-up for your needs. With a little thought and planning, you can create an interior that looks great and feels comfortable. Taking into account the above-mentioned tips will help ensure that your home is fitted with the best switches and sockets available, generating value over time.

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