MCB Tripping: Reasons and How to Avoid it

MCB Tripping: Reasons and How to Avoid it

Electrical faults due to overloading or shirt circuits are not uncommon. Generally, most homes as well as commercial setups have devices installed, which protect from short circuits or overloading. One such protective device is MCB, which stands for miniature circuit breakers. These are electromechanical devices that protect a circuit from electrical overloading and burnout. 

Popularly known as time delay tripping devices, MCBs trip and shut down the system whenever there is an overflow of current. This protects the entire circuit from damage and burnout. In the case of short circuits, the MCB trips and stops the power supply within just milliseconds. 

Companies manufacturing various kinds of electrical devices often make MCBs as well. Among the various brands, Acti 9 MCB is a popular one from the house of Schneider Electric. A great choice, Acti9 Schneider is highly energy-efficient for power distribution and extremely simple to install. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of using good quality MCBs such as Acti 9 from Schneider Electric and how to choose one for your requirement. 

Why should you choose good quality MCB?

If you notice that your MCB is tripping frequently, understand that it needs your immediate attention. Along with overloaded circuits and short circuits, a ground fault is another one of the main reasons for MCB tripping. A good quality MCB will trip at the slightest fault ensuring protection for the connected devices. This is the reason you must ensure that you use the best quality MCB like Acti 9 MCB for your home or commercial establishment. 

Here are some other reasons why you must always choose a good quality MCB for your requirements:

  • The rivet material and the enclosure of a good quality MCB will be able to withstand the arc energy which is produced by the circuit breaker when the current passing through it gets hampered. With a good quality MCB, there are no chances of hazards or MCB damage. 
  • A good quality MCB will have an MCB coil with a large diameter. As a result, there will be no risks of temperature surge and there will also be no problem in closing the circuit. 
  • A standard high-quality MCB like Acti9 Schneider always use superior contact material, which kicks into action on time when required. The breaking process is much better in such MCBs, causing minimal equipment damage. 
  • A good quality MCB will trip immediately in case of an overload. This protects the circuit and the various appliances and equipment in line. 
  • A high-quality bimetal sheet is used in good-quality MCBs. As a result, the MCB responds to short circuits immediately and breaks the circuit at once. And once things get back to normal, the MCB starts to function normally again. 

Which type of MCB is best for your home?

MCB installation is done in different places depending on the requirements and the range of protection that is needed. Therefore, different kinds of MCBs are available in the market catering to a wide range of purposes. Some of the most common kinds of MCBs include A, B, C, D, K, and Z. This categorisation is done depending on the tripping capacity or trip curve. 

Among all the MCBs available in the market, the two most common kinds of MCBs include:

  • Type B – These MCBs are extensively used in industrial units with small-scale operations or residential properties. These MCBs trip when the power supply exceeds five times or more than the suggested limit. These are highly sensitive MCBs as they have an extremely low tolerance for voltage fluctuations. In the majority of residential spaces, current surges and voltage fluctuations are not that intense and therefore type B MCBs are highly preferred here. 
  • Type C – These MCBs are suitable for devices and appliances which require high power consumption. Many household appliances like mixers, grinders, motor pumps for drawing water, geyser, instant water heaters, irons, etc. have high power consumption. Along with the residential use for the above-mentioned devices, type C MCBs are also high in demand in industrial and commercial units. 

Type C MCBs trip when the electric flow surges to more than 10 times the suggested limit. You will commonly see these MCBs used with fluorescent lights and electric motors. When compared to type B MCBs, type C offers a higher range of protection. Not only this, type C MCBs can handle electrical surges as they have higher capacity. 

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Purchase MCBs for your requirements from a trusted place

If you are looking for high-quality electrical devices including MCBs, there is no better place than the Schneider Electric e-shop. You will find the most suitable MCBs for your home including Acti 9 MCB from the Schneider Electric e-shop. Along with this above-mentioned model, you will get other MCBs, which are great for use in commercial, residential, and industrial setups. Check the product details of the MCB to understand if it syncs well with your requirements before making the final purchase. Apart from MCBs, the Schneider Electric e-shop houses other electrical products as well. Visit to know more.

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