How to Pick the Right UPS for your Desktop Computer

How to Pick the Right UPS for your Desktop Computer

Laptops have become extremely popular in recent years. They provide you with enhanced productivity and benefits and are extremely convenient for working on the go. However, as popular as laptops are, several institutions, offices, and households still prefer desktop computers. These computers are not just more budget-friendly, they come with additional features and offer a better value for their price. Moreover, desktop computers grant their users the ability to customize and upgrade the setup at will. 

Unlike laptops, desktop computers must be provided with a continuous source of energy as they do not often have a designated battery backup. Most users of desktop computers prefer installing a UPS that keeps the computer running on emergency power in case there is a power disruption. Therefore, if you have a desktop computer at your home, you must pick the right UPS to prevent your computer from shutting down abruptly during sudden power blackouts. 

What is a UPS?

UPS refers to an uninterruptible power supply or an uninterruptible power source that has been specifically designed to act as a temporary source of power. It provides emergency power to a device when there is a disruption in the main power line. 

The UPS is, however, different from an auxiliary power source or an emergency power system. A UPS provides a near-instantaneous supply of power to the electrical device during sudden power interruptions. But the power is contained in batteries or supercapacitors, which can provide this emergency power only for a short while. 

A UPS is usually used across protected hardware including telecommunication equipment, data centers, and desktop computers. 

The best UPS for a computer is designed mostly to provide sufficient power to keep a device from standby or from shutting down a piece of protected equipment. The UPS does not provide power for a long time like an inverter. Instead, it grants you some extra time to save changes and important documents on your desktop computer and shut it down normally, instead of the desktop computer shutting down abruptly during a disconnection in the input power. 

UPS are usually available in the models mentioned below: 

  • Square Wave -the square wave UPS is fundamentally designed to provide electricity when the input power source is interrupted
  • Pure sine wave -the pure sine wave UPS is best suited for home computers, stereos, and laser printers as they can provide grid-like power

How to pick the right UPS for your Desktop Computer 

As important a role is played by the UPS, it is essential to pick the right UPS for your desktop computer. While choosing a UPS for your desktop computer, you must look into the following:

  • Terminal Protectors - Terminal protectors ensure absolute safety from electrical shocks and accidents.
  • Vent plugs - A UPS must have fully functioning vent plugs, designed to regulate gas pressure within the battery.
  • Warranty - A longer warranty is one of the most important factors when it comes to UPS. A higher warranty, ranging between 12 to 48 months, is indicative of the superior quality and longer life.


Many regions in India suffer from inconsistent power connections. The APC Home UPS from Schneider Electric has been specifically designed to combat the harsh power conditions, and provide the user with emergency power in times of need. The APC Home UPS has been specifically designed for household use and comes with shock and short circuit protection, making it safe for children and pets too. This sine wave UPS is compatible with flat plate and tubular batteries of 80ah to 180ah.

The APC Home UPS has been designed using robust tubular plates, that are durable and long-lasting. The low antimony alloy frame contributes to the low-cost maintenance and affordable rate of the APC Home UPS. In addition, it has superb overcharge tolerance without breaking down, and allows very deep discharge, making it suitable for areas that suffer from long power cuts frequently. The APC Home UPS, available from Schneider Electric, comes with a warranty of 18 months and is among the best UPS for pc. 


Schneider Electric is one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of electrical components and devices across the globe. It is a one-stop online destination for all your electrical requirements and solutions. Other than UPS for desktop computers, you can look into offers on MCCBs, RCBs, and a wide range of electrical components at affordable rates from the Schneider Electric eShop.

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