Get all the knowledge about Schneider Electric's Stabilizer

Get all the knowledge about Schneider Electric's Stabilizer

Electricity is one of the essential components of modern living. At a domestic level, we are heavily reliant on electricity for a wide range of purposes, from running devices, cooking, working, and more. 

However, while electricity has its benefits, it also has its fair share of threats that can put devices and lives at risk. Connected electrical appliances are at constant risks of burnouts from voltage fluctuations, while unprotected electrical wirings can lead to electrocutions, endangering human lives. 

There is, however, an easy fix. You can secure your household devices from electrical damage with voltage stabilizers and regulators.

What are voltage stabilizers?

Simply put, voltage stabilizers are electrical devices that maintain a stable electrical voltage output to the load. Voltage stabilizers ensure a constant voltage output irrespective of the incoming electrical flow fluctuations or overcurrent. They serve as excellent countermeasures against the risks of voltage fluctuations, surges, and other electrical anomalies. Voltage stabilizers for TV and other expensive devices are frequently installed in modern homes to reduce risks like electrical burnouts.

Voltage stabilizers perform by adding or reducing the voltage from the electrical supply line, making it suitable for any connected device. Present-day voltage stabilizers are provided with transformers to detect any excess or loss in the electric supply. These stabilizers are configured to perform during overvoltage as well as Undervoltage conditions. The transformer either reduces or boosts the voltage in the output, making it stable. 

Besides voltage protection and stabilization, the latest voltage stabilizers are also responsible for overload protection, frequency variation protection, zero voltage switching, manual and automatic start, and more.

Benefits of using Schneider Electric's Stabilizers 

Voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric bring to you several added benefits that improve your quality of living and ensure complete electrical safety for your household appliances. These include: 

- Electrical protection: Besides voltage fluctuation, voltage stabilizers can also provide extensive protection from risks like surges and electrical overloading. They are often used in modern homes as a preventive measure against permanent electrical damage to expensive appliances.

- Efficiency and durability: Voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric are designed for maximum durability and can perform efficiently even under adverse conditions to provide uninterrupted electrical protection.

- Improve device efficiency: Voltage stabilizers help maintain a constant voltage output to connected electrical devices, improving their efficiency. They also lower the chances of overheating and device malfunction, adversely impacting device efficiency.

- Cost-Effective: You can choose from the wide range of high-performance voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric available at budget-friendly prices.

Voltage Stabilizers and Regulators from Schneider Electric

Given below are some of the best voltage stabilizer and regulator models from Schneider Electric:

  • Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

Line-R is one of the most trusted voltage stabilizers, and regulators manufactured and distributed by Schneider Electric. It protects your household devices from almost all electric anomalies. The Line-R 1200VA Voltage Regulator has been equipped with an automatic trip system that disrupts the electrical connection as soon as any abnormality is detected, protecting your devices from burnouts. Weighing at just 4.4kg, this Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator has a compact design easily installed anywhere in the house. The Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator and stabilizer is highly durable and guarantees high performance in any weather condition. It also comes with a contractual warranty worth two years.

  • APC Line-R 1000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator

The APC Line-R 1000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator ensures complete electrical safety to your household devices from electrical threats like overloads and voltage fluctuations. Equipped with three universal plugs, this is not just one of the best voltage stabilizers for refrigerators, but you can comfortably plugin more devices without compromising their performance. The APC Line-R 1000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator is eco-friendly; it can optimize energy consumption around your home and reduce any wastage; it comes with Schneider Electric's Green Premium label. You can also enjoy two years of contractual repair and replacement warranty while purchasing the APC Line-R 1000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator.

  • APC Microsol Voltage Regulator 300W

The APC Microsol Voltage Regulator 300W is a frequently purchased electrical stabilizer from Schneider Electric, famous for its budget-friendly price. The APC Microsol Voltage Regulator 300W has a compact design and is easy to operate and maintain. It eliminates all electrical risks like fluctuations and surges and adds to the overall efficiency of the connected device. The APC Microsol Voltage Regulator is also available in a 500W variant.

Voltage stabilizers at Schneider Electric

If you are looking to purchase the best stabilizer for AC in your home, you can look into the premium voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric available at cost-effective prices. 

Schneider Electric is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment and components. You can avail of some great offers and deals on a wide range of electrical devices at the Schneider Electric online store. You can ensure complete electrical safety for your household devices with the above-mentioned voltage stabilizers from Schneider Electric.

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