Where to buy push button switches for industrial use

Where to buy push button switches for industrial use

Push button switches are used in industrial applications for opening and closing the contacts by depressing and releasing the switch in the direction of its axis. Push button switches are manually operated and are available in many different types, such as round or square body for mounting, lighted or non-lighted, indicators and selector switches. The structure of an industrial push button switch has a button cap, a return spring, a moving contact, a static contact, a pillar rod and a shell.

Types of push button switches

Mainly there are two types of push button switches, momentary and non-momentary. Momentary switches are used in home appliances and electronics such as calculators, telephones and kitchen appliances. Non-momentary switches are used for machinery with complicated operations with every button having a particular function and color coding. This enables users to identify the function simply by looking at a switch. For example, the red button is usually used for power whereas the yellow button indicates pause. Schneider Electric’s push button switches for industrial use follow the global standards for color coding and operation.

Advantages of Schneider Electric push button switches

With complete integration into the advanced process control systems, our push button switches help in optimization of the entire process and improve regulatory loop control. Moreover, Schneider Electric push button switches allow easy integration of new technologies without compromising business performance, making your systems future proof.

In addition, the quality control process at Schneider Electric ensures that you get long-lasting performance and prompt service support.

Buy industrial push button switches online

Schneider Electric India now offers a complete range of industrial electricals online through the E-shop. You can compare push button switch prices and buy them online. Apart from push button switches you can also buy industrial power meters, electromechanical relays, signaling units and more from shop.schneider-electric.co.in.

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