Manual transfer switch, GoPact MTS 630, 4 poles, 400A, 415VAC 50/60Hz, extended rotary handle, open transition

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This product is part of the new GoPact Manual Transfer Switch range (GoPact MTS). It is a manually operated transfer switching equipment (or source changeover assembly), that allows to switch the load from a normal source N to a replacement source R. It is made of 2 switch disconnectors in 4 poles version mechanically interlocked. GoPact MTS is combining compactness with high performance and customer convenience. GoPact MTS has a good price-performance ratio for simple applications and delivers a reliable electrical solution for your applications. GoPact MTS range covers ratings from 63A to 2000A in 6 frame sizes. GoPact MTS 630 is available on frame size 4. The rated operational current (Ie) is 125A with utilization category AC-23A as per IEC 60947-3 standard and with utilization category AC32-B as per IEC60947-6-1 tsandard. The operational voltage is 415VAC 50/60Hz. The manual transfer switch as 3 stable positions (ON positions "I" and "II", and OFF position "O") that are clearly indicated on the product front face. It is controlled and manually operated by a direct rotary handle that can be locked in OFF position with 3 padlocks. GoPact MTS is equipped with an auxiliary contact kit as a standard accessory, made of 2 changeover contacts NO/NC (one for each switch disconnector). The IP protection degree is IP54 on the front face within an enclosure, according to IEC 60529. Product dimensions are 310mm (length) x 228mm (Width) x 210mm (Height). The product weight is 14kg. GoPact MTS 630 is compliant with IEC 60947-3 and IEC60947-6-1 standards. GoPact MTS range benefits from Schneider Electric quality assurance.


Activity PPATS
หมายเลขส่วนประกอบ GM63D4N4004BEE
น้ำหนักสินค้า(รวมบรรจุภัณฑ์) 14 Kg
ฉลาก Green Premium ไม่
ค่าพิกัดกระแส 25kA
กลุ่มสินค้า GoPact MTS
ขนาดบรรจุภัณฑ์ 310 x 228 x210 mm