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In-Warranty Services
We provide repair and replacement services free of charge for all the products that are damaged within the warranty period and in compliance with the warranty terms and such services will commence when we received the returned products and the ownership of such returned products transferred to us. Such services do not include installation and programming.
Customers must provide order confirmation from Schneider Electric to verify that the products are purchased directly from Schneider Electric.

Warranty Period
If customers encounter problems with the products, and the problems fall within the responsibilities of Schneider Electric, customers may contact the Customers Care Centre or their sales representative within 18 months starting from the delivery date, or 24 months from the manufacture date of the products if the delivery date cannot be verified, for repair or replacement.

Warranty Terms
The warranty services do not apply in the following situations:

Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel your orders with below applicable charges-
  • Products were used under the conditions specified in technical documents not from Schneider Electric
  • Products were modified or repaired without approval from Schneider Electric
  • Products were damaged as a result of improper storage by customers or during transportation.
  • Products were damaged due to natural disasters, accidents or poor electricity.
  • Product labels or certificates were removed or damaged

The new products may have different warranty periods. Please contact Customer Care Centre via Chat with us and email us at for details.