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The delivery details for any order, not yet dispatched, can be changed by writing an email with details. If the product is dispatched, the details cannot be changed.
You can check your order status on the website under my accounts section or by connecting with the support team. The contact details are as given; Email ID -
We are committed to ensure that you receive the ordered product, in the best of conditions. Sometimes, in case of high demand scenarios, the delivery can be partial on account of product unavailability. We will complete the order as soon as we get the products back in stock. In case you receive an empty box, or less products that you order, please reach out to us at, with pictures, order number, and we will help to resolve the issue.
Please refer the link to our return policy page - Return Policy
Please connect with our customer support team on : Email ID - With your order and return request details. We will share the status with you. You can also the check the return status in My Account section and going to particular order.


We have 2 payment channels - All the transactions will be handled in a secure and encrypted environment to protect your privacy. We accept credit and debit cards. We also offer COD as well payment upto AED 1000. For select business partners, we provide credit terms with pre-defined credit limits. These partners, will get the option to choose between card payment and credit term based payments.
We are a VAT registered company and are legally obliged to charge VAT on our products and services. Our prices are inclusive of local taxes.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to process your order until payment has been authorised and the funds have been cleared.In the event a payment request is not authorized, you should check the card details or contact your payment card provider for further assistance.Alternatively, you can proceed with the purchase by using a different payment method (please refer to the “What payment methods do you accept” section within our FAQs for further details of acceptable payment methods.
Payments can fail for the following reasons:
  • You enter incorrect credit or debit card details, e.g., name on the card, card number, CVV, 3D secure PIN (Personal Identification Number) and expiry date.
  • Your provided card details that are no longer valid or need to be updated.
  • Your bank is going through an outage.
  • You close or refresh the page or go back to the earlier page while the transaction is being processed by your bank.
  • The connection between e-shop and your bank fails due to some technical issues and the transaction cannot be completed.
  • Your card may be blocked for online transactions.
  • You use a card that's not currently accepted on e-shop. For more information see Accepted Payment Methods.

  • You may also receive a payment pending message for the following reasons: Payment confirmation pending: If you paid for your order using net banking, we may be awaiting the payment confirmation from your bank. This can take a few days. For an immediate status, contact your bank. Problem in contacting your bank or credit card: We may be unable to contact your bank or card issuer which can cause delay. If so, you'll receive an email from us. Incomplete payment: If your first payment attempt was unsuccessful, your payment might stay in the pending stage. In such cases, try to revise the payment when you receive an email from us, so that we can process your order at once. Once the mentioned timeline has passed, the order will be auto cancelled. Note: If your payment is still processing, you'll see "We haven't received payment confirmation from your bank or credit card yet". In such cases, don't try paying a second time unless you're sure that your payment failed. If you accidentally pay twice, we'll refund your extra payment within a few days.
    We accept a variety of payment methods like: Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard Wallets like ApplePay, GooglePay Cash on Delivery (with selected sellers and only for pre-approved buyers). COD (Cash on Delivery) is limited to certain cart value only. Once that threshold is met, customers can pay using cards. Credit terms (with selected sellers and only for pre-approved buyers)

    Return & Replacement

    You may request returns for most items you buy from the sellers listed on However, you can only return items explicitly identified as "returnable" on the product detail page and/or our policy and within the ‘return window’ period. Please refer to the Policy Page to know which categories are "non-returnable" and the specific return windows for categories eligible for return. Items are returnable if you've received them in a condition that is - Physically damaged Has missing parts or accessories Defective Different from its description on the product detail page on You no longer want the item (return applicable only for eligible items)
    Go to Your Orders. (Ensure you have signed in before) Choose an item that you want to return or replace. Select a reason from the menu and continue.
    If the item you ordered arrived in a physically damaged/ defective condition or is different from their description on the product detail page, or has missing parts or accessories, it will be eligible for a free replacement if the exact item is available with the same seller.
    You would not be able to change or modify the number of items once you have already placed an order. You can place another fresh order with the desired modifications. However, you can change your shipping preferences in Your Account at any time after placing your order if it hasn't entered the shipping process yet.
    If you have ordered a wrong item, you can cancel the order. In case the order is already shipped and out for delivery, you can return the order. Click on Returns and Refund FAQ for more information.
    You can cancel items or orders by visiting the Your Orders section in Your Account. To cancel orders that aren't dispatched yet: Go to Your Orders. Select the item you want to cancel and click Cancel items. Provide reasons for cancellation. Click on Cancel Checked Items.
    Follow the steps below to order an item again - Go to Your Orders. Click on the re-order Tab. You will see a list of items you had previously bought. Add to Cart the items you wish to buy again. Go to the cart and follow the onscreen instruction to complete the order. Note: Items that are returned will not be displayed in the Re-order tab

    Issue with Login or sign-up

    Go to profile icon on right hand side and click. A new page will open with the following options:

    • Sign In
    • Create An Account

    Sign In:

    • If you are an existing user, click on Sign In and continue with entering your registered email ID and password. If you face issues like incorrect password or login, check your email ID that you have registered with. If the error comes again, request for a password reset by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ link.
    • Password reset is a two-step function to ensure security of your account. First you will receive an OTP (One Time Password)/ passcode on registered email ID. You will need to enter this before continuing with the new password update on the site.
    • Once this process is completed successfully, you will login to the site automatically. Sometimes due to network issues, the passcode email may take time to come to your email. Please wait for a couple of minutes before requesting another passcode.

    Create An Account:

    • If you are a new customer, you can create your profile by filling in the user registration form. Please fill in all mandatory information and click the Create an Account button. Once done, you will receive an email on the email ID given for registration.
    • Click on the link to confirm email and then the system will send another email with passcode to set the password. Once the Password is created, go to sign in page and login in.