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Frequently Asked Questions


How could I change the delivery address/ Phone no. / name of receiver, if I have already confirmed the order?

The delivery details for any order, not yet dispatched, can be changed by writing an email with details. If the product is dispatched, the details cannot be changed.

How could I follow my order status?

You can check your order status on the website under my accounts section or by connecting with the support team. The contact details are as given;
Email ID -

I have not received my order. I have not received all the products that I ordered. I got an empty box.

We are committed to ensure that you receive the ordered product, in the best of conditions. Sometimes, in case of high demand scenarios, the delivery can be partial on account of product unavailability. We will complete the order as soon as we get the products back in stock. In case you receive an empty box, or less products that you order, please reach out to us at, with pictures, order number, and we will help to resolve the issue.

How to check my return status?

Please connect with our customer support team on :
Email ID -
With your order and return request details. We will share the status with you.

You can also the check the return status in My Account section and going to particular order.


Payment channel and payment information

We have 2 payment channels - All the transactions will be handled in a secure and encrypted environment to protect your privacy. We accept credit and debit cards. We also offer COD payment upto AED 1000. For select business partners, we provide credit terms with pre-defined credit limits. These partners, will get the option to choose between card payment and credit term based payments.

Is VAT charged?

We are a VAT registered company and are legally obliged to charge VAT on our products and services. Our prices are exclusive of local taxes.

What should I do if the payment is not accepted?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to process your order until payment has been authorised and the funds have been cleared.
In the event a payment request is not authorized, you should check the card details or contact your payment card provider for further assistance.
Alternatively, you can proceed with the purchase by using a different payment method (please refer to the “What payment methods do you accept” section within our FAQs for further details of acceptable payment methods