EasyLogic panel mount meter, class 1, RS485, LED

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Activity DPLVP
Pincode Group default
Part Number METSEPM1125HCL10RS
Type of measurement current, voltage, frequency, power factor, phase angle, RPM, peak demand power, harmonic distorsion (I THD & U THD), active power, active energy
Accuracy class class 1 active energy conforming to IEC 62053-21, class 1 reactive energy conforming to IEC 62053-24
Communication port support screw connector: RS485
Power quality analysis total harmonic distortion
Measurement voltage 46-277 V AC 50...60 Hz between phase and neutral, 80-480 V AC 50...60 Hz between phases, 277-999000 V AC 50...60 Hz with external VT
Sampling rate 32 samples/cycle
Maximum power consumption in W 2 W at 240 V
Frequency measurement range 45-65 Hz
Counter functions ON hour counting, ON-load hour counting, power interruption
Communication of data reading of measurements, all counters, revolution speed, last cleared log, instantaneous and demand values
Tamperproof of settings protected by access code
Measurement current 5-6000 mA
Messages display capacity 3 fields of 4 characters
Refresh time 1 s
Data recording energy consumption logs
Display colour red
Analogue input type voltage (impedance 5 MOhm)4 x , current 0.005...10 A (impedance 0.3 MOhm)6 x
Measurement category category III 480-480 V
Display digits 12 digit(s) - 14.2 mm in height
Metering type average current Iavg, phase currents, active power P, P1, P2, P3, active, reactive, apparent energy (signed, four quadrant), rotation speed, average voltage Vavg, calculated neutral current, unbalance current, apparent power S, S1, S2, S3, unbalance voltage, frequency, voltage U21, U32, U13, V1, V2, V3, demand power P, Q, S, reactive power Q, Q1, Q2, Q3, power factor and displacement PF (signed, four quadrant), phase current I1, I2, I3 RMS
Maximum power consumption in VA 4 VA at 240 V between phase and neutral
Installation category III
standards IEC 61010-1:ed. 3, UL 61010-1:ed. 3
ambient air temperature for operation -10-60 °C
device application energy monitoring
Communication Port Protocol Modbus at 4800 bps, 9600 bps, 19200 bps, 38.4 Kbps even/odd or none - 2 wires, insulation 2500 V
ambient air temperature for storage -20-70 °C
Type of Installation indoor installation
depth 13 mm outside: , 49 mm panel:
width 96 mm
Display Type 8 segments LED
device short name PM1125H
Targeted Country all
Wire Stripping Length current circuit: 3.68 mm, voltage circuit: 7 mm, control circuit: 7 mm, 7 mm
range EasyLogic
Material polycarbonate
connections - terminals current circuit: screw clamp terminals (bottom) 2.08-3.31 mm² cable(s) , voltage circuit: screw clamp terminals (top) 0.82-3.31 mm² cable(s) , control circuit: screw clamp terminals (top) 0.82-3.31 mm² cable(s) , communication: screw clamp terminals (bottom) 0.33-3.31 mm² cable(s)
tightening torque current circuit: 0.9-1 N.m Philips No 2 screwdriver , voltage circuit: 0.9-1 N.m Philips No 2 screwdriver , control circuit: 0.9-1 N.m Philips No 2 screwdriver , communication: 0.5-0.6 N.m Philips no 1 screwdriver

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