Harmony XVU, Illuminated LED unit for modular tower lights, yellow, Ø60, steady, IP65, 24 V AC/DC

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This Harmony XVU illuminated unit is supplied with 24V AC/DC and has a yellow LED with a high brightness steady light. This yellow illuminated unit is designed as an accessory to be connected with base and create complete tower light. Its integral LED offers a steady light, allowing it to clearly display the status of your machines in applications such as automotive, machine tool, material handling, packaging, assembly stations, conveyors. It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and vibration resistant thanks to its IP65, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments. Simple and modular design to allow for easy installation with base unit and make complete tower light. Steady light schemes to allow for consistent alert of machine status to workfloor staff around the machine. It complies with international standards and certifications (CSA, UL, RoHS, EAC, CE standards and IP65).


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