Harmony XVM, Modular tower lights, aluminium, red/orange/green, Ø45, steady, incandescent bulb BA 15d, with buzzer, 24 V AC/DC

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This tower light is part of the range of pre-assembled and pre-cabled tower lights Harmony type XVM diameter 45mm. It is supplied pre-assembled and pre-cabled with 3 illuminated signaling units (red, orange, green) and with fixing base for mounting on vertical support (250 mm aluminium support tube + metal bracket). It also features a buzzer integrated in base unit with continuous or intermittent tone and adjustable sound level from 0dB to 85dB at 1 m. It is designed for medium distance indication of the operating states of a machine, visually by means of illuminated signaling units visible through 360°. It features incandescent bulb BA 15d light source, 5 W and it can be supplied with 24 V AC/DC. Its protection index is IP42. It weighs 480g and it is 513mm high. It is particularly adapted to "clean" environments, pharmaceutical, electronic, etc. thanks to its cream colour It is CE marking and CCC certified. It is designed to be mounted on vertical surface thanks to its base.


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