Pre assembled and pre cabled indicator bank, Harmony XVM, without buzzer + 3 illuminated units, Ø 45 mm, 24 V AC/DC

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"This product is part of the Harmony XVM range, an offer of Ø 45mm pre-wired modular tower light." "This pre assembled indicator bank comes with 3 illuminated units and flying lead cables." "The indicator bank has red/orange/green incandescent light with a rated supply voltage of 24V AC/DC." "The mounting diameter is 45mm." "It is an IP42 rated product." "It weighs 0.493kg." "This product is certified by CE and CCC. It meets EN/IEC 60947 1 and EN/IEC 60947 5 1 standards." "The kit includes plastic fixing plate, base unit, aluminum support and tube over." "It can be mounted in vertical position." "It is dedicated to simple applications in a protected environment, this compact offer is available in 2 forms complete or separate units for customer assembly." "Harmony XVM compact sized pre-wired modular tower light for medium distance. Pre-assembled and pre-wired version is available."


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