Safety light curtain type 4, Telemecanique Safety light curtains XUSL, XUSL For hand protection, Std sensing range, Hp = 460 mm, R=30 mm

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This XUSL4E Type 4 Safety Light Curtain is designed for hand detection of operator in the vicinity of hazardous machinery. Its transmitter-receiver system creates 23 light beams with a protected height of 460mm. Its PFHD reliability data is 9.47 x 10⁻⁹. It has an aluminum case and its integral LEDs offer a local Signaling for clearly display of device's status. It can be used as standalone sensor (i.e without safety control unit) or in association with an appropriate safety control unit. It has 2 NO Solid State PNP safety outputs (OSSDs) and meets the requirements of category 4, performance level PL e, SIL 3 as described in EN/ISO 13849-1, EN/IEC 61508 and Type 4 in compliance with EN/IEC 61496-1, EN/IEC 61496-2. Its operating temperature range is -30°C to +55°C and the sensing distance is 0m to 4m or 0m to 12m selectable by wiring.


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