Rotation monitoring for hazardous area dust, M30, Sn10mm, 120...3000c/mn, NC, cable 2 m

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This sensor is dedicated to rotation monitoring in hazardous areas. It complies with the 2014/34/EU - ATEX directive. It provides an economical solution for detecting slip, belt breakage, drive shaft shear and overloading. Dedicated to rotation monitoring, it is suitable for conveyor belts, bucket elevators and Archemedian screws. And also for grinders, crushers, pumps, centrifugal driers, mixers, etc. This product is a cylindrical sensor, flush mountable in metal, diameter 30mm, threaded M30 x 1.5 It features a cylindrical metal case and a 2m long cable. It has a sensing distance of 10mm. Its adjustable frequency range is 120 impluses/min to 3000 impluses/min. Three-wire, DC supply, 12V to 48V, NC function, PNP solid-state output.


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หมายเลขส่วนประกอบ XSAV12373EX
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ค่าพิกัดกระแส 25kA
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