Inductive proximity sensors XS, inductive sensor XS6 M12, L66mm, brass, Sn7mm, 12...48 VDC, M12

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The XS range is an offer of inductive proximity sensors for the detection, without physical contact, of metal objects. The advantages of inductive detection are numerous, no physical contact with the object to be detected. Thus avoiding wear and enabling detection of fragile or freshly painted objects. High operating rates. Fast response. Excellent resistance to industrial environments (robust products, fully encapsulated in resin). This product is a cylindrical, long case, non flush mountable sensor. Diameter 12mm, threaded M12 x 1. It features a nickel plated brass case and a M12 connector. It has a sensing distance of 7mm. Three-wire, DC supply, 12V to 48V, NC function, PNP discrete output.


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