Electronic pressure sensors, Pressure sensors XM, vacuum transmitter -1 bar, 4...20 mA, G1/4 A male, FPM, DIN

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This pressure transmitter is part of the XMLP range, an offer of electronic sensors for pressure control. The XMLP transmitters are designed for the vacuum measuring and the pressure measuring. They are compatible with a large number of fluids. This transmitter has a pressure range of -1bar to 0bar, with a maximum permissible accidental pressure at 3bar and a destruction pressure at 5bar. This sensor provides high corrosion resistance AISI 316L stainless steel and fluorocarbon resin pressure chamber for maximum longevity. It has an analogue output (4mA to 20mA), wich delivers a signal proportional to the measured pressure. It is appropriate for controlling air, fresh water, hydraulic oils, gas and refrigeration fluid. This pressure transmitter features a compact metal body, a G 1/4 A DIN 3852-E (male) 316L stainless steel fluid connector and a M12 electrical connector. It weighs 0.096kg. It is suitable for machine tools, moulding presses, stamping presses and lifting gear. It complies with RCM, CULus, CE, EAC certifications, and with NSF ANSI 61 and EN/IEC 61326-2-3 standards. Dedicated accessories, to be ordered separatly, are available to facilitate the setting of the transmitter (switches with a display, sealing gaskets, pre-wired connectors, etc). The XMLP transmitters integrate a ceramic pressure measuring cell, providing a high level of sensitivity and good resistance to abrasive fluids. With typical precision better than 0.5% of the rating, these transmitters are particularly suitable for industrial applications.


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