Electronic tag, Radio frequency identification XG, RFID 13.56 MHz, disc Ø 50 x 3, 112 Bytes

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This electronic tag is part of the XG range, an offer of RFID readers and tags. RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, refers to radio frequency identification systems, 13.56 MHz. This tag, with EEPROM type memory, for read and write operations, has a memory capacity of 112bytes. This system makes it possible to perform traceability, object identification or tracking, and access control functions. Depending o the antenna and the possible addition of a field expander, the sensing distance of this tag is 70mm, 100mm or 150mm Its degree of protection is IP68. It is a disk tag, with a PPA case, diameter 50mm. It is 3mm thick. This smart antenna is suitable for many applications. Logistics, tracking and sorting of baggage, traceability in the food processing industry, flexible assembly lines in the automotive sector, automatic toll booths and access control. It complies with the ISO 15693 standard. Field expanders, to be ordered separately, are available to enlarge the dialogue field of the smart antennas This tag is sold in lots of 10. It is fixed by one screw. It must not be mounted on a metal support. No specific programming is required, the tag automatically adapts to the protocol and speed of the network used (EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Uni-Telway, PROFIBUS-DP).


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