Complete potentiometer, Harmony XB5, plastic, 22mm, 10K

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This Harmony XB5, 22mm diameter potentiometer has a resistance of 10kΩ and uses screw clamp terminals. This potentiometer provides an external interface for controlling key parameters of automation components like drives and inverters. It is easily installed into standard 22mm diameter cut-outs and connected with simple screw-clamp connections. It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and vibration resistant thanks to its IP66 IP69 IP69K, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments. It is ideal for analog control (like speed control of motor) via the voltage or resistor input of variable speed drives. It is designed to fit in a standard 22mm cutout, ensuring compatibility when installing in pre-existing machinery.


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หมายเลขส่วนประกอบ XB5AD912R10K
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