Pendant control station, Harmony XAC, plastic, yellow, 6 push buttons with 1NO, 1 emergency stop NC

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This Harmony XAC, is a complete ready to use pendant station for control of single-speed motors. It has 6 standard push buttons mechanically interlocked between pairs and one emergency stop diameter 40mm operator. It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and vibration resistant thanks to its IP65, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments. Designed for mechanical handling, these highly robust pendant control stations are not only simple and intuitive, but also very comfortable for the operator to use. Its wide range of operating temperatures from -25°C to 70°C allows versatility in usage of product. It provides a yellow polypropylène double insulated enclosure. This control station is ideal for hoists, travelling cranes applications. This robust pendant control station complies with the safety requirements of IEC standards.


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หมายเลขส่วนประกอบ XACA6713
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