power and energy meter PowerLogic PM5350 with THD, alarming + Extension Warranty 2 year

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This device is a flush-mount energy meter with a 96mm by 96mm backlit LCD display. The meter provides Class 0.5S accuracy per IEC 62053-22 standard and 32 samples per cycle. The meter will measure Energy, Active and Reactive Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency and Power Factor. Include a non-volatile memory for several parameters and alarms. The meter will function in a 50Hz or 60Hz network and accepts supply voltage ranging from 85 to 265 VAC and 100 to 300 VDC. Line rated current for this meter is 1A or 5A input and will support Single Phase and Neutral, Three Phase, or Three Phase and Neutral configurations. The range of measurement voltage between Phases is 20V AC to 480V AC, CAT III or 20V AC to 690V AC, CAT II at 45 Hz to 70 Hz. The range of measurement voltage between Phase and Neutral is 20V AC to 277V AC, CAT III or 20V AC to 400V AC, CAT II at 45 Hz to 70 Hz. Communication protocol is Modbus RTU and ASCII 2 wires with RS485 port support. The meter also has four digital inputs and dual relay outputs. Product dimensions are as follows: width 3.78 inches (96 millimetres), depth 2.24 inches (57 millimetres), height 3.78 inches (96 millimetres) and product weight 8.8 onces (250 g). + Extension Warranty 2 year


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