ClimaSys forced vent. IP54, 300m3/h, 230V, with outlet grille and filter G2

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This product is a forced air ventilation fan that is designed to provide reliable and efficient cooling It is made of injected thermoplastic (ASA PC) and is available in grey (RAL 7035) color The fan has a ball bearing type and a maximum pressure of 158 Pa It has a power range of 36 W 50 Hz and 37 W 60 Hz, and a free flow rate of 300 m3/h at 50 Hz and 350 m3/h at 60 Hz It also comes with an anti-insect filter included It can be used in ambient air temperatures ranging from -10 to 70°C It has a power cord and comes with a filter, an outlet grille, and two protective grilles on the front and rear surfaces It has an IP54 degree of protection and a noise level of 55-56 dB The cut-out dimensions of the fan are 223 x 223 mm Protection IP54.


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หมายเลขส่วนประกอบ NSYCVF300M230PF
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ค่าพิกัดกระแส 25kA
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