Enclosure, Resi9 MP, surface mounting, 1 row of 8 modules, IP40, translucid door, 1 earth + 1 neutral terminal blocks

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  • This Resi9 MP enclosure is a surface mounted modular enclosure
  • This plastic enclosure is composed of 1 row of 8 modules of 18mm
  • It can accomodate all types of modular switchgear
  • The IP degree of protection is IP40
  • It is provided with a translucid door
  • The colour of the front face is white (RAL 9003)
  • It is intended for new or renovated installation in residential
  • It is equipped with 35 mm asymmetrical rail
  • It comes with 1 earth and 1 neutral terminal blocks with screwed connection terminals
  • The earth terminal block provides 8 outgoers (1x16mm² + 4x10mm² + 3x6mm²)
  • The neutral one provides 8 outgoers (1x16mm² + 4x10mm² + 3x6mm²)
  • The In rated current is up to 63A
  • It complies with IEC 529, IEC 60439-3, IEC 60670-24 standards
  • The total dimensions are (W) 196mm x (H) 198mm x (D) 102mm
  • The enclosure is made from technoplastic (back part and front face)
  • The door is made from technoplastic
  • The resistance of the plastic to flames and to abnormal heat is 650°C for the door, the back part and the front face
  • The IK degree of protection is IK07
  • The operating temperature is -25°C to 60°C


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