iQuick PRD8r modular surge arrester - 1 pole + N - 350V - with remote transfer

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This Acti9 iQuick PRD8r surge arrester protects 1P+N installations. It allows quick replacement of damaged cartridges. This Type 2 or Type 3 device autoprotected by integrated circuit-breaker is recommended for moderate risk level in secondary panel board. It offers remote reporting of the "cartridge must be changed" message. This prewired surge arrester allows quick replacement of withdrawable cartridges when they are damaged. It incorporates its end of life safety disconnector. The Isc integrated breaking capacity is 25kA. This Acti9 iQuick PRD8r is compatible with TT and TN-S earthing system. The Uc maximum continuous operating voltage in differential mode (between phase and neutral) is 350VAC. The Uc maximum continuous operating voltage in common mode is 264VAC between neutral and earth, and is 350VAC between phase and earth. The Up voltage protection level in type 2 is 1.5kV in common mode (L/PE or N/PE), and is 1.2kV in differential mode (L/N). The Up Voltage protection level in type 3 is 1.4kV in common mode (L/PE), 1.5kV in common mode (N/PE), and 1.4kV in differential mode (L/N). The Ue rated operational voltage is 230VAC +/- 10%. The product colour is white (RAL9003).The dimensions are (W) 72mm x (H) 94mm x (D) 75.9mm. The weight is 430g. The degree of protection is IP20 and IP40 in modular enclosure. The operating temperature is -25°C to 60°C. The storage temperature is -40°C to 70°C. This product is compliant with EN 61643-11 and IEC 61643-11 standards.


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