DIN socket, Acti9 iPC, 2P+E, 16A, 250VAC

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This Acti9 iPC product is a modular power socket allow low-voltage device to be connected to the electrical network. It is a standard 16A 2P+E power socket with protective cover on poles. It is compliant with KEMA VDE 0620 german standard. The tightening torque of connection is 1.2N.m for PZ2 screwdriver type. The connection allows rigid copper cables between 1 to 10mm². The connection allows flexible or with ferrule copper cables between 1 to 6mm². The width in 9mm pitches is 5. The product color is white (RAL9003). The dimensions are (W) 45mm x (H) 81mm x (D) 55mm. The weight is 100g. The degree of protection is IP20 at terminals and IP40 in enclosure. The operating temperature is -25°C to +70°C. The storage temperature is -40°C to +80°C. It complies with VDE 0620 standard, UNE_20315-1-1 and NEN 1020.


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