Limit switch lever, 9007, arm 2in c

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This product is part of the Nema Limit Switches range, an offer of heavy duty metal limit switches. The limit switch arm provides switch actuation by 30° cam without positive opening operation. The movement of this limit switch operating head is rotary. The spring return roller lever supports a lateral approach. This limit switch lever is made of cast zinc with steel outside roller. Its dimensions are 50.8mm (length) spring return roller lever and 19.05mm (diameter), 6.35mm (width) outside roller. It weighs 0.05kg. It is associated with 9007T5, 9007C, 9007N, 9007T10 and 9007B, 9007A heads. It is compatible with 9007C and 9007AW series limit switches. Compliant with US and international standards, the 9007 series limit switches can withstand the impact of heavy industry. This constitutes a comprehensive range of limit switches rigged and dependable built with unparalleled quality.


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