Rotary handle - for iC60 - red handle

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This Acti9 accessory is a red rotary handle provided with a rotary handle mechanism for modular devices with front or side mounting installation. It is dedicated to iID, iSW-NA, 2P or 3P or 4P (iC60 + Vigi iC60, iSW, iC60). It prevents the door from opening when the device is in the ON position. The control mechanism is mounted on the device. The rotary handle is fixed to the front or side of the enclosure. It is a set of 1 device. The color of the handle is red. A padlocking is possible when the device is in open position (OFF). It could be padlocked with the device in the closed position (ON) by adaptation of the device. The padlock diameter is from 5mm to 8mm. A pushbutton for iID test is available on the front face of the rotary handle. The material is a self-extinguishing thermoplastic specially developed by Schneider Electric. The degree of protection of the rotary button is IP55.

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Part Number A9A27006
Green Premium Label No
Country of Origin Hungary
Product Type Rotary Handle

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