pressure switch XMLA 300 bar - fixed scale 1 threshold - 1 C/O

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  • This product is part of the XM range, an offer of pressure sensors and switches.
  • This pressure switch controls or regulates pressure or vacuum levels in hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
  • It transforms the pressure change into a digital electrical signal when the preset operating points are reached.
  • This pressure sensor has a fixed differential and is for detection of a single threshold.
  • It incorporates a 1 C/O single-pole contact.
  • It supports a pressure setting range of 0bar to 300bar and maximum permissible accidental pressure of 675bar.
  • It is furnished with screw clamp terminals for electrical connection and PT 1/4inch (female) for fluid connection.
  • It has a piston actuator which can be operated from any position.
  • It offers a long mechanical life with a mechanical durability of about 3 million operating cycles.
  • It is an IP66 rated product.
  • The enclosure is made of zinc alloy.
  • Its dimensions are 35mm (width) x 75mm (depth) x 113mm (height) and weighs 0.75kg.
  • This pressure switch is suitable for controlling hydraulic oil (0°C to 160°C).
  • It is used for pressure control or monitoring on water pumps, compressors, moulding presses, injection moulders, grinding machines, machining centres, etc.
  • This product is certified by UL, LROS (Lloyds Register of Shipping), EAC, CSA, CE and BV.
  • It complies with UL 508, EN/IEC 60947-5-1 and CSA C22.2 No 14 standards.
  • One of the most comprehensive catalogues of industrial and power pressure sensors on the market, including a user-friendly electronic transmitter sensor which can be configured in complete simplicity, with unrivalled flexibility.
  • Ex nautilus control pressure switches, pressure transmitters and power pressure switches for industrial pressure control.

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Activity IDSEN
Part Number XMLA300D2S14
Green Premium Label No
Product Type Pressure Switch

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