motion servo drive, Lexium 28, single and three phase, 200 to 230V, 100W, EtherCat

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This product is part of the Lexium 28 range, an offer of servo drives from 0.05kW to 4.5kW and associated servo motors. This AC-servo drives Lexium 28 is designed for motion control, in combination with AC-servo motors BCH2, with a continuous power of 100W at 220V. This servo drive has a digital and analog I/Os, an encoder interface for BCH2 servo motors, and embeds an Ethercat communication interface for being controlled. The Ethercat communication function provides access to this servo drive’s configuration, adjustment, control, and monitoring functions. This servo drive has a current line of 1.8A, an Harmonic distortion ratio of 239.2percent at 110V on 1-phase network. It has 8 programmable discrete inputs, 2 fast capture inputs, one safety function STO input, 5 logic outputs and 1 pulse train output. It measures 55mm wide, 150mm high, 146mm deep. It weighs 1kg. Servo motors BCH2 in combination with Lexium 28 servo drives are designed for application such as material working, material handling, assembly line, packaging. This servo drive is certified CULus, CSA, and marked CE. This servo drive is compatible with BCH2 motors with same input power, additional EMC filters, multi loader tool for configuration, and Ethernet/PTI/STO cables. It installed on panel with 2x holes of diameter 4.6mm. A vertical position (plus or minus 10degrees) is required for cooling the device. Lexium 28 servo drives & Lexium BCH2 servo motors are the Optimized servo bundles for compact machines. Lexium 28 & Lexium BCH2 are optimized bundles for easy integration into machines, embedding communication interfaces, safety functions and DC bus sharing.

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Part Number LXM28EU01M3X
Green Premium Label No
Country of Origin China
Product Type EtherCAT Drive

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