Kavacha, Full-Time Weatherproof Membrane Switch Cover (Transparent) IP55

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  • Full-Time Weatherproof Membrane Switch Cover (Transparent) IP55
  • Label: NEO-range of product: Kavacha-product or component type: switch cover-Range Presentation: Originally created as a control terminal for home control system, this hugely popular award-winning series is now redefining wall decoration with a superb full range of switches and sockets
  • Unconventional horizontal orientations, Groundbreaking use of LED, First-to-market white-on-white fluorescent locaters, Cyber-chic silver and grey tones, 2-wire retrofit scene control functionality… They're just a few of the many reasons why NEO switches are the forward-looking choice for far-sighted metropolitans
  • NEO-Forward thinking design for forward thinking people
  • NEO has distinctive horizontal operation design and it is the first mechanical switch with blue and white LED locator
  • NEO C-Bus -Switch-like control devices for the C-Bus interoperable system that can be used to manage lighting, electrical equipments, audiovisual equipments and other electronic and electrical systems
  • The availability of product options may vary by region
  • NEO ELV+ -Extra-low-voltage control wallplate with RJ45 socket to provide easy and secure connection to the latest hotel management systems
  • The availability of product options may vary by region
  • -Range Benefits: Face the Future with NEO -Award-winning switch range-Distinctive horizontal operation design-Futuristic styling, LED locator and indicator-Comprehensive range including electro-mechanical switches, scene control systems, control devices for interoperable system, and products for specialized applications – all in an aesthetic consistency that allows coordinated mix-and-match of functionalities within a space
  • -Available in grey-silver and white-on-white color-Range Application Presentation: -Residential, commercial and hotel applications-British, American and Australian installations-Flush- or surface-mounted installations

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Activity HDCWD
Part Number E223M_TR
Green Premium Label No
Country of Origin Singapore
Show Accessory No
Product Type Switch Cover
tax text on product card Excl. GST
Number Of Gang 1

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