Dimmers are devices used for controlling the brightness of connected light fixtures. Light dimmers change the voltage waveform applied to the lamp for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the light output. Light dimmers are a part of the larger family of variable-voltage devices used in homes, offices and industrial settings. While theatrical and architectural lighting requires high-power units, light dimmers for home use are generally smaller in size. For accurate lighting control, you need to install modern lights in conjunction with light dimmers.

Use of dimmers with different types of lights have prompted the use of different nomenclature for these electrical devices, e.g., Light controllers, LED controllers, and LED dimmers. Dimmers can be used for controlling the light output from resistive incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Looking for high-quality dimmers for your home or office, check out modular light dimmer controllers by Schneider Electric India. Our light dimmers are directly controlled units built from semiconductors for higher efficiency and quickly switch between “on” and “off” states without dissipating much power in the process. Moreover, Schneider Electric light dimmer controllers are the size of a modular light switch and can easily fit into your existing setup. You can also automate light dimmers with Schneider Electric’s smart home solutions.

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