Wiser Home: 5 Ways a Smart Home System Can Transform Life

Wiser Home: 5 Ways a Smart Home System Can Transform Life

Moving into the 21st Century, the world has witnessed some of the greatest technological advancements of all time, one of them being the invention of smart or automated technology for household use. And within a short period, smart technologies and appliances have become extremely popular worldwide, making modern homes more efficient than ever. Presently, over 175 million individual households across the world use automated systems at home and come under the category of smart houses in 2023. 

In the coming years, smart technology is expected to be more readily integrated into individual households, thus massively contributing to the motto of creating an eco-friendly, sustainable future. But what gives a smart home, powered by automated appliances, the edge over traditional households? Before we move on to the 5 ways in which Wiser, Schneider Electric’s smart home accessory can incredibly transform your life, it is vital to understand what a smart home is, how it can benefit you, and why you should consider upgrading your house to a smart home. 

What is a smart home?

The massive growth of information technology has enabled us to conveniently harness it with everyday appliances, thus creating a setup where all connected appliances and devices can be conveniently controlled using an internet connection. What makes this technology incredibly appealing is that the connected devices can be remotely operated from a single networked device or even using a smartphone. Households that enmesh the use of appliances and devices are generally categorised as smart homes. 

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Contemporary smart homes allow owners to interconnect multiple home automation devices in a single setup and allow remote functions such as regulating the temperature and lighting of the house, controlling security access and devices, and more. In addition to granting exclusive features, the ability to control all connected appliances from a single device makes smart homes effortlessly stand out from traditional households.

Schneider Electric’s Wiser Smart Home Systems

Wiser is the flagship smart home solution offered by Schneider Electric India. Wiser smart home solutions have remained one of the bestselling home automation systems in recent times. Dedicated to maximising the safety and comfort of modern homes, Wiser from Schneider Electric offers modular, intuitive smart home solutions at an affordable price. 

Read on to find out more about the 5 ways by which Wiser smart home seeks to transform your life.

5 ways the Wiser smart home can transform your life

The first thought that comes to us at the mention of a smart home is that of the ability to control everyday household appliances remotely from a convenient device. However, having Wiser as your modular home automation solution offers you so much more than just control over appliances and devices! Wiser does not just assist you in conveniently turning on and switching off networked home appliances, but is a giant leap towards getting your house ready to accommodate futuristic technology at an affordable budget. 

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Wiser home automation is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for refurbishing your house with sophisticated devices and taking care of the continuously evolving need for state-of-art appliances to better fit into futuristic values and lifestyles. Thanks to Wiser’s intuitive programming, it can conveniently keep up with changing times and integrate with newer appliances. 

In addition to on-the-go monitoring and control, here are the most important 5 ways in which Wiser home automation is set to transform your life:  

1. Operate all connected devices from your smartphone or through voice control

Controlling all your household appliances has never been easier than with Wiser modular home automation system from Schneider Electric India. Creating a secure network, Wiser home automation grants you complete access to all your modern appliances and household devices right from the Schneider Electric Wiser App on your smartphone. With several exciting customisable settings to choose from, the intuitive programming of Wiser is accommodating of new appliances and networks. And with the latest updates, you can conveniently connect your virtual assistant like Alexa, Google, or Siri with Wiser over Wi-Fi, allowing you to gain complete control over your household appliances through voice commands as well.

2. Wiser lifestyle adaptation for ultimate comfort and flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of bringing home Schneider Electric’s Wiser home automation system is the easy and seamless integration with all your home appliances. Not only does Wiser allow you to establish a secure network between your household appliances but it is incredibly accommodating of all your tastes and preferences, and accordingly creates automated commands to suit your comfort. Wiser’s home automation system can effectively set wake-up calls, set the lighting and temperature depending on your schedule and preferences, as well as regulate specific appliances to suit your everyday schedule. Enjoy comfort like never before with Wiser’s automated light, shutter, and thermostat settings. 

3. Efficient energy consumption for enhanced utility bill savings

With time, there has been a growing need for preserving our natural resources and streamlining our energy consumption. Most nations across the world have taken major steps to establish eco-friendly and sustainable living in most sectors. And when it comes to sustainable living, the Wiser brand from Schneider Electric's home automation system stands out and goes a long way in ensuring energy conservation and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Wiser is programmed with dedicated monitoring features that effortlessly keep track of your everyday energy usage and streamline energy consumption. In addition to automatically turning off lights and household accessories when not in use, Wiser offers you complete control to manage home devices remotely from your smartphone. This not just reduces your carbon footprint but helps you save on monthly utility bills as well.

4. Home automation that is convenient and simple

Wiser's home automation system shines in its intuitive capabilities and will leave you pleasantly surprised with its wide range of automation supports. Wiser home automation comes with efficient temperature and humidity sensors, that can read the environment at any given time and automatically regulate the thermostat to match your comfort. Dedicated motion sensors from Wiser can also be equipped in hallways, doorways, and entrances to control the lighting when entering or leaving your home. Convenience and simplicity of use are what make Wiser the best choice of automation system for many. 

5. Enhanced home safety and security

Wiser has grown massively popular among smart home residents as the best home automation system because of its enhanced safety and security protocols. In terms of home security, Wiser offers 24/7 stable connection to household security appliances and lends complete control to automated door security and surveillance devices. Furthermore, you can always remotely monitor the security status of your home with dedicated alerts on your Wiser smartphone app, designed to detect if any of your doors or windows are unlocked or if there is any leakage in the bathroom or the kitchen. With these enhanced security features, Wiser makes sure you and your loved ones are always safe from unpleasant events and accidental hazards.

Wiser home automation solution from Schneider Electric India

No two client has the same need or expectation when it comes to selecting the best home automation. And to be able to better cater to the individual needs and requirements of modern-day homeowners, Schneider Electric India brings you an exciting range of Wiser home automation solutions. Choose from the variety of Wiser home automation systems available, and bring to your household a modular smart home system that perfectly suits your needs:

• Wiser Home Package

The Wiser home package comes with complete household coverage, which plays an active role in preparing your home for the future of home automation. The starter home package includes all necessary units to regulate household appliances, lights, air-conditioning, and more. 

• Living Room Package

If you need home automation targeted particularly for your living room, you are in luck! Wiser’s Living room package contributes to creating a fully automated living area with motion sensors that automatically regulate lighting when entering or leaving the room.

• Bedroom Package

The bedroom package of Wiser’s home automation system is guaranteed to please all comfort seekers with its unique design. In addition to Wiser’s standard control features, this package also offers specialised functions for regulating air-conditioning or sending out alerts when the door is left ajar with air-conditioning turned on. 

• DIY Package

The DIY package allows users to completely customise their home automation based on their exact needs. Instead of an expansive network system, users can now enjoy limited automation features around the household that meet their needs. 

Schneider Electric India, as a home automation company, has long remained a one-stop solution for all electrical needs even for the most fastidious client. And with its range of Wiser modular home automation systems, Schneider Electric India has successfully ventured into the world of smart home solutions. So, if you are ready to upgrade your household with the latest home automation system and transform your life, visit Schneider Electric eshop for promotional offers and avail yourself of exciting deals on Wiser home automation. 

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