Why you should shop for Emergency Push Button from Schneider Electric

Why you should shop for Emergency Push Button from Schneider Electric

Electronics form a very important part of our day-to-day life to such an extent that we are almost caught in a state of stupor without them. Thus, when you are buying electrical appliances or components, make sure you buy from a reliable source that sells only good quality products. 

While comfort and luxury are important to have an improved quality of life, it is more crucial to take into account safety and security when dealing with electrical items. 

Electronic goods have come a long way in terms of offering us both comfort and luxury as well as safety and security. One of such important innovations is the push button. Let us find out more about this safety device. 

What is an emergency push button?

Massive machines are in use in factories, as well as other settings. Many of these types of machinery consume a huge amount of power and electricity to perform efficiently.

The problem arises when, due to a certain issue, the machinery malfunctions. Sometimes the malfunctions are huge and, if not detected early on or not corrected in time, can lead to massive accidents such as explosions, fires, or electrical shock to the operators of the machines. 

If the system cannot shut itself down when there is a problem, it is important to construct a way by which the same can be done manually. This is where an emergency push button comes into play. The mechanism is simple. When an emergency push button is pressed, it completely disconnects the respective machine from its source of power. In the absence of power, risks of accidents like short circuits or overload can be averted. Operating machines becomes comparatively safer when there is an emergency stop push button involved. 

How does an emergency push button work?

Machines are constructed in such a way that the emergency stop button, as they are also called, remains in series with the main circuit. The push-button on-off switch feature allows you to control the supply of power in case of a minor or major problem. The push buttons are designed in such a way that their functions are triggered only when there is an external force acting upon them. This implies that the emergency push button cannot turn on or off on its own. Moreover, the design has been improved to make sure that the manual action is not hindered by any other factors. 

Why should you buy emergency push buttons from Schneider Electric?

When it comes to electronics, you can place your blind faith on Schneider Electric because it has been accomplishing wonders when it comes to customer satisfaction and preparing their homes for the future. The emergency stop button is no exception. Schneider Electric features some of the best models that are extremely efficient when it comes to the prevention of disasters. The time period between switching off the emergency stop push button and cutting off the power supply is extremely minimal. Even a fraction of a second makes a huge difference in preventing accidents, and the emergency push button models from Schneider Electric definitely do the job well. 

Thus, without any second thoughts, take a look at some of the models of emergency push buttons from Schneider Electric that you can fit for your machines and make the work environment safer and more secure. 

Green Illuminated Push Buttons with Projecting Integral Led

This range of push buttons from the Harmony XB5 range is widely used in factories. The machines that are in use in such places are not just huge, but they require a lot of power to function smoothly and fulfil their purpose. In such a scenario, the best form of safety needs to be installed for the machines. The green illuminated push buttons take up that responsibility where the projecting LED only aids the user in understanding the different functions of the emergency push button. 

Blue Illuminated Push Buttons with Projecting Integral Led 230VAC

This model of emergency push buttons is not that different from the previous one. It is also available from the range of Harmony XB5 and does the job of preventing severe accidents by cutting off the main source of power. The only difference lies in the colour of illumination, which is used to determine the various activities of the emergency stop button. The standard voltage that it allows in the series circuit is a measure of 230V.


The LED light on this emergency push button is extremely helpful in letting the user know about the different functions of the device. It can indicate when the power intake is becoming increasingly high, so you can take the necessary steps to switch off the emergency button manually. 

Safety is priority

The range of products available at Schneider Electric store is not restricted to emergency stop buttons only. The store has a plethora of electrical supplies for transforming your home into a modern one that facilitates your comfort and luxury. Visit the online store to find the best deals on electrical products. 

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