What Is Home Automation?

What Is Home Automation?

Alexa, Google Home, and many other voice assistants have gained immense popularity in India and the globe. These are voice-enabled assistants that help us humans manage our everyday life in an improved way. These devices also help us save time so we can innovate at work and nurture our personal lives. But before we speak of the benefits of home automation, let’s understand what exactly is home automation.

Home automation is an ecosystem of devices and technology that interconnects the electronic devices in your home. These devices are all connected to a common network, the interest, which allows us to control them remotely from anywhere and at any time. The need to manually operate devices is eliminated with the aid of home automation. The purpose of home automation is to make life convenient and offer increased safety.

How Does Automation Work?

Home automation works with an array of devices that are connected to the internet via wi-fi, Bluetooth, and other network sharing systems. Devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant communicate commands via electronic interfaces. In addition, home automation systems can detect motion, temperature, and light to alter the ambiance of the space automatically.

There are 3 core ways by which users can use home automation systems:

Monitor - With home automation, users can monitor their homes and office spaces remotely with the help of an app.

Control - Home automation devices allow users to control various facets of their living space from lighting to temperature control easily and quickly.

Automate - With extensive monitoring and control, comes the ability to automate routine processes. For instance, home automation will allow users to configure their air conditioner so it turns on every day at a specified time.

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3 Common Uses of Home Automation Systems

1) Security - We all lead busy lives, with almost all members of a home heading off to work or school. This means our empty homes become vulnerable to attacks if the right measures aren’t taken. This is where home automation systems come in. In the area of the home and office security, home automation has found the most takers. After all, the security of our homes is the highest priority on any of our lists. With home automation, you can monitor your home and its immediate surroundings from anywhere. In addition, home automation includes advanced devices including motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and automated door locks that help safeguard your home. You can utilize apps to monitor the activities in your home to make sure there are no intruders. Some home automation systems also send security alerts in cases where the intrusion is detected. Even while you are at home, this added blanket of security helps you know you are safe and secure.

Not only do home automation systems add to your safety, but also that of the environment. Home automation helps conserves more energy and reduces electrical consumption.

2) Management - A home automation system helps you manage your home well. You will be surprised at how easy and convenient life gets with the introduction of a home automation system in your space. We all lead lives where there is little to no time to organize our living space. So automation can bring in the added organization and management and leave you with ample time for yourself. For instance, you can remotely pre-heat your oven to reduce the time taken in cooking a meal. Similarly, you can operate the lighting and heating mechanisms in your home from anywhere. This efficient management done automatically helps you save time that was otherwise spent carrying out routine tasks. A home automation system also helps you better manage your home by sharing insights on the operational process of your home.

For instance, you can gain an understanding of the hours you spend on multiple screens, your eating habits, and your energy consumption patterns all with a simple automation system. This then aids in better management of your home and, invariably, your life.

3) Efficiency - Your devices can enhance your life experiences. For instance, a Smart TV connected to your home automation system will suggest the best entertainment experience for you. A smart cooking system will help you cook your meals perfectly. These are just a few instances of the intuitive changes that home automation systems bring to the life of users. The biggest benefit of a home automation system is the efficiency it offers. It brings out the hidden value of your devices and helps you best utilize your apps. The best part is that all this is handled and managed in one place. Home automation is a comprehensive system that easily adapts multiple applications to one harmonious unit.

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The home automation systems of today also have a lot of room for flexibility. With newer technology emerging every day, these systems are designed, keeping in mind the advancements of tomorrow. So even as you upgrade your devices, your home automation system will seamlessly integrate them within your home ecosystem.

Home Automation Systems by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has been an innovator in the field of electrical appliances and accessories. So with the advent of home automation, Schneider Electric has designed devices and systems that automate your space. These devices are flexible, convenient to use, and improve the efficiency of all connected devices. The team at Schneider Electric has coined its home automation network as KNX or Konnex. This system is a smart, intuitive, and agile network that offers the best in the world of home automation. This ecosystem created by the best experts at Schneider Electric helps you manage lighting, remote control devices, HVAC systems, screen displays, home security systems, shutters, blinds and so much more.

So to experience the future of home automation, head to Schneider Electric.

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